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10 Great Blogger Tips And Gadgets You May Have Missed

This week with the design change here on SUYB i have been going through some of the archive and updating older posts. I needed to update the design of some of the posts and in some cases the content itself. You know there is some really cool posts from up to 2 years ago that stand the test of time. I know many of you missed these posts when they were first published and they could be just what your looking for. So i thought today i would bump up 10 of them. From Blogger Gadgets and Design to SEO and Traffic here are 10 great posts you may have missed.


1. Show Only Posts Title On Blogger Labels Page – This post has a clever useful Blogger Tip. When someone clicks a label on your blog they will be shown a list of post titles only not full posts. This makes it easier for readers to find the content they are looking for.

2. Scrolling Recent Posts List Gadget For Blogger – Here we have a gadget that will display your blogs most recent posts scrolling across the page. A perfect gadget to go across the top of your blog or below the posts.

3. Add Google Friendly Meta Tags and Meta Description To Your Blog – This post shows you how to take control of how Google and other Search engines see your blog. Adding a meta description in a way lets you describe your blog to Google who often use it as your blogs search results snippet.

4. A Random Posts List Gadget For Blogger – A simple gadget to display a randomly generate list of posts from your archive.

5. Change The Blogger Navbar To A Hover Effect – With this Blogger trick your navbar will not appear unless users place their cursor over the navbar area.

6. 8 Basic Ways For New Bloggers To Get Traffic – A list of techniques to get readers to your new blog.

7. How To Make A YouTube Video Auto Play On Page Load – Simply Make A YouTube Video On Your Blog Automatically Start When Users Land On The Page.

8. Change The Blogger Page Title Format – An important technique to optimize the way your title tags are viewed by users and Search engines.

9. Create An Email Link, Button And Image Link – Create 3 types of link for users to Email You.

10. jQuery Animated Scroll Recent Posts With Thumbnails Gadget – A very cool recent posts gadget that uses jQuery to scroll through your latest content.

That’s just 10 posts from the archive of nearly 400, you can use our quick archive to see a compact list of all posts – Spice Up Your Blog Quick Archive.

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10 Great Blogger Tips And Gadgets You May Have Missed
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