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7 Ways To Get More People To Share Your Blog Posts


As an active member of various social media platforms, you would be searching effective ways to get consistent and referral traffic for your posts. Viral marketing is the way to go if you want to measure the success of your posts. But getting people to share your posts can often become a cumbersome task. One needs to get rocking on the engagement strategies amongst the followers and fan group. To gain more insight and to learn tricks of the trade, continue to read below.

1. Share and ask

The tip here is to post as often as possible. Post content that connects with people’s daily lives. Create a connection by asking and communicating each time you log on to your social media site. Every time you create a post, ask your followers to read and ‘like’ it. Create a conversation that allows opinions and ideas. Don’t communicate at them, but communicate with them.

2. Make it fun

Be creative. Think about innovative ideas and involve humor in your posts. Engage your followers by offering incentives. Engagement incentives could help you multiply the viral exposure. For instance create and build on quizzes, contests or campaigns. Get as much momentum as possible via these campaigns and more. Give away gifts and prizes if feasible.

3. Start a conversation with a blog

Encourage blog conversations. However don’t let your social media conversations be one way. Allow people to voice their opinions to get people talking. Ask questions. On Facebook this would show up in the fan’s timeline and a retweets is seen by the other followers also. Remember on social media, the goal is to get people to communicate and share their ideas.

4. Attract attention by catchy headings

Think about the last news article you read online or in the newspaper or a magazine title that you remember as you read this. This is because it had catchy headline. Your posts should have a headline that grabs immediate attention of your fan or follower. Be witty yet striking when you write posts. Don’t use old style stock images, but be creative enough to use attractive images in your introduction. Think of yourself opening a particular search result – wasn’t the image striking enough for your eye-balls. Adopt the same strategy for your posts too.

5. Be provocative

Don’t share content that the readers must have read hundred times by now. Internet is flooded with common concepts and ideas and content related to them. It is littered with industry specific content – written in a marketing tone. Choose topics that will grab attention of your reader. Choose content which you as a reader will find interesting. Put yourself in your followers’ shoes and post.

6. Guest posts on other posts

By posting on others’ posts you will definitely get noticed. Try to post in a high profile blog or comment. Choose to post on the first few blogs or posts that you locate on the first page of Google search engine. Steer conversations by being a guest writer on some high profile blogs.

7. Be an easy subscriber

Let people to subscribe to your posts. Make it simple and easy for others to subscribe to your content. Whenever you post, your subscribers will receive an alert each time you make an update on your posts or place a new post.

The more your posts are shared, more viral you’ll get. Start using these effective strategies to get people to share your posts. Motivate your viewers but remember that the success of your strategies will depend upon your target audience and will vary across stream of people.


By Guest Author – Diana Maria is a blogger and a writer. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Volkswagen Jetta attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on tron motorcycle suits.

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7 Ways To Get More People To Share Your Blog Posts
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