Top 8 Ways To Get Readers To A New Blog

Posted : Friday, October 16, 2009 | Post Author : Paul Francis | 12 comments

Getting New Visitors To Your BlogI suppose there is no point in spicing up your blog if you get no visitors.Getting your blog noticed is not an easy task but there are steps you can take to give your blog a push in the right direction.

Remember you need to keep posting to your blog, this is one of the most used phrases but ‘content is king’.Try to publish a post once a day or at least five time a week if you are posting more than once a day try leave a gap between the posting times.

Here is the list of Eight ways to get started :

    1. Submit your blog to search engines

Click here to add your blog to Google Click here to add your blog to Bing

    1. Get a feedburner for your blog :

Click here to see how

    1. Join and submit you blog to Blog Directories :

I will cover Blog Directories in a later post for now here’s a great post by Loren Baker on the subject :20 Essential Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog To

    1. Leave your link :

Were ever you go on the Internet leave your link. When you Comment on other blogs,Forums etc.. leave a link to your blog. Don’t spam when commenting if you don’t leave proper relevant comments most will be deleted.

    1. Traffic Exchange

If your willing to go the extra mile a resource rarely taken advantage of by bloggers is Traffic exchanges. This will automatically drive traffic to your blog. (Don’t use traffic exchanges if your blog has AdSense it is against their T.O.S. and could get you banned)

    1. Press Release

Why not create a free press Release. A Press release can get you a good result but only when you do it the right way. If you want to try press release, Click Here for an article on how to write a quality Press Release Here’s a list of free press release Distribution Sites

    1. Tell your friends online on offline !

Twitter-Facebook-Myspace-Bebo-Friendster there are so many social networks were you can connect with friends and let them know about your blog.Check these two posts to have your blog automatically connect with social networks : Feedburner Connect Twitterfeed Connect

    1. Leave your blog link at the foot of all your Emails.

If you like me send lots of funny Emails you can add your blog URL at the bottom of the Email.Most of these emails get sent on again and again and now a link to your blog is been sent with them. Most Email providers like Gmail have a setting to automatically leave a link at the bottom of all your Emails just check out your Email settings.

These are just a short list of ideas and suggestions try to cover as many as you can.I have are more tips to help get visitors to your blog Search Engine Blog Tips.And keep posting make sure there is content there for people to see and remember only good content will bring them back.

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