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What Is Social Bookmarking /How Does It Work / How Can It Help My Blog ?

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have seen these icons in the blogs and websites you visit.

These are the links to the webs fast growing list of social bookmarking websites. The social bookmarking phenomenon began in the later stages of the 90’s with the appearance of and has kept growing at pace. At the foot of this blog check the list of the most popular Social Bookmarking websites.

So what does it do?

You could see Social bookmarking as “search engine marketing” with a human touch. The information is seen as relevant due to the fact that it has been provided by a human being, rather than assessed by search engines like google for relevancy by a robot and through search engine algorithms.
As most of the individuals who use social bookmarking sites often give points to the content based on its relevancy and usefulness, this human touch is emphasised even further.

How can it help me and my blog?

Social bookmarking can be an awesome S.E.O (Search Engine Optimisation) tool for bloggers.
As bloggers most of us don’t have the capital to invest in expensive tools to bump us up the rankings in search results but if you post relative content your readers enjoy with the help of social bookmarking websites you can create a kind of “Word of mouth” Buzz that will
as it feeds off the networking capabilities of the web. The most famous sites have incredible numbers of active followers who are essentially establishing a new trend by getting their news on any particular subject or niche online instead of through other more traditional methods. Social bookmarking sites can be linked and an RSS feed set up, thereby creating an aggregate of news that can be delivered efficiently with very little necessary effort.

Social bookmarking is a relatively new phenomenon. While we can look back to the mid-to-late 90’s for a predecessor, social bookmarking didn’t spring onto the unsuspecting world until the forerunner site Delicious appeared. Social bookmarking sites gather together information, articles and blog posts which are stored, organised and managed according to relevancy, or tags

While it is not always the case, you can build back links to your site by attaching URL’s to your content. There are quite a few social bookmarking sites out there that have a “no follow” policy, which means that the managing personnel involved attach tags to your links that neutralize any SEO advantage you may have otherwise achieved. This does not stop people from clicking through to your site and becoming a potentially valuable visitor, of course, but it means that you won’t gain any advantage in terms of the search relevancy ranking for your page.

If you’re savvy about your online marketing and website development

what is social bookmarking

You can use social bookmarking to great effect. Put meaningful content out there with valid and informative material, and people within the social bookmarking arena will rate it highly. Sharing of content is actively encouraged, and as a user’s network is informed of the existence of your content, the potential to go viral appears.

Make sure that your marketing message is subtle, as with any Internet marketing initiative. Blatant advertising is frowned upon, but relevant links when displayed in a soft-sell way will result in an increase in visitors. Make sure that you accurately attach your tags or keywords, to ensure that your message can be found within this vast Internet world!

There are hundreds and hundreds of social bookmarking sites, and you should try and include a plug-in within your site to allow people to easily and quickly bookmark your content. Sites such as WordPress make this very easy for you. RSS feed aggregators essentially summarize blogs and content and allow users to categorize things they find of interest into one easy to find place.

List of social bookmarking websites available :

Social Bookmarking List

Phew…So there it is and i really hope this post has informed you as much as researching and writing it has helped me learn more on the subject!

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What Is Social Bookmarking /How Does It Work / How Can It Help My Blog ?
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