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How Effective Is Your Blog In Search Results – Free Tool

There are lots of tools available to check out almost every aspect of your blog.From page rank to links and much more you could easily waste hours playing around with different tools.One tool i recently came across however covers more topics than any other and can provide some really useful information.The site in question will provide you with everything from search performance to inbound links social links and more.

To get all the current stats for your blog follow this link to WebsiteGrader.Com.Once there simply enter your blogs URL.You can also compare your blog against rivals and enter your Email to be sent the results, these two are optional.

Remember building a successful blog takes time so don’t be disappointed if the stats are not as good as you would have linked.

You can work at improving your blogs S.E.O. performance by checking out some of our tips on the subject here – Search Engine Optimization Tips

Share some of your stats with us and let us know what you learned !

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How Effective Is Your Blog In Search Results – Free Tool
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