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Surprising Google Page Rank Update December 2013

In January 2011 I wrote a post covering how Google had updated Page Rank for the first time in eight months.Today I can confirm Google have updated Page Rank this time there has been a 10 month gap since the last update.However while the 8 month gap in 2011 was surprising because in previous years we would see three updates yearly this time it’s actually surprising we got the update this side of of the new year.

Followers of Matt Cutts the head of Google Webspam might have seen Matt had predicted there would be no update at least until next year.In fact some had predicted Page Rank was dead.

Check Your Page Rank Here

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What Is Page Rank ?

For those who are unfamiliar with page rank check out the video below with the aforementioned Matt Cutts doing the explaining.

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Surprising Google Page Rank Update December 2013
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