Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft Server Hosting Guide

Minecraft server hosting is a valuable product that helps users boost their game performance and power game modifications. Minecraft did not take long to get its hosting category with the growth of gaming servers. While you can host a server for Minecraft yourself, many best web hosting companies have their hosting plans and packages for this game.

dedicated web host can offer you the best hosting environment, simple setup, and excellent features to get started, whether through personal communities or game modifications.

An Introduction to Minecraft Server Hosting

If you want to take the Minecraft gaming experience to the next stage, Minecraft hosting will help you with that. Minecraft server hosting lets users rent a dedicated server to power their gaming adventures. Though it is simple to self-host gaming servers, gamers can buy hosting plans from web hosts for simpler server management.

Benefits of Minecraft Hosting:

Security: Hosting your Minecraft server gives you complete control of the server’s privacy and security. You can also prevent attacks and handle user permissions.

Customization: Minecraft hosting lets you configure the settings to your preference and alter the game according to your needs. You may expand the capabilities of the server with preconfigured modpacks and custom plugins.

Performance: With the best host, you’ll get limited interruption to your gameplay experience and enhance your server’s uptime.

Community: You can also build a custom multiplayer experience for friends and others.

Features a Minecraft Server Hosting Plan Should Have

Minecraft server hosting is similar to traditional web hosting. Both of them need fundamental resources at their core to be useful. These resources include quality customer support, enough storage space, fast performance, security, and uptime. However, Minecraft has unique features customized to its software.

Gamers use Minecraft hosting because of its freedom of ownership and customizability. You can control who will play, create a personalized world, and add modifications. It also allows users to play on different types of servers, including Technic and Spigot.

Essential features that every user should consider include DDoS protection, a simple control panel, instant setup, automated backup, and plugin and mod support. These features can help improve your Minecraft gaming experience by offering you the tools to customize the world settings.

Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting Companies

Let us explore the best Minecraft hosting companies along with their essential features here:

1.         Minefort

Minefort is a free Minecraft server hosting service provider with many thrilling features that help you discover the Minecraft realm. With various player slots, you can join the Minecraft game without having to worry about player limitations. Its free plan is great to start with the first 20 players. However, it is not the best if you require more resources or add more players. The main features of this plan are:

  • 20-players slot limit
  • Offers 1GB of RAM
  • Supports unlimited plugins
  • Has free FTP file access
  • An intuitive and flawless file manager
  • 10 GB storage limit

2.         ScalaCube

ScalaCube offers 24/7 Minecraft hosting with 24/7 uptime and customer support. Its dependable hosting services provide a user-friendly and flawless platform for beginners. Users can instantly set up a Minecraft server and get support for every Minecraft version, including PaperMC, Technic, and Spigot. It offers an ideal Minecraft hosting testing environment. Since it does not provide many player slots, only you can play there. The key features of ScalaCube’s free plan are:

  • 24/7 support via chat and email
  • 30GB SSD storage
  • Plugin and mod support
  • Instant setup in a few clicks
  • 99.99% uptime
  • DDoS protection

3.         Minehut

It boasts a varied catalog of hosting servers, common in premium Minecraft plans. The server offers users various options, which makes their Minecraft gaming experience more enjoyable. Whether you are looking for mini-games, farming, or memes, you can find all of them here. As a free Minecraft hosting server, Minehut outdid itself. The single downside of Minehut is that you need to navigate lots of ads on the website. Its excellent features include:

  • A huge Minecrafters community to interact with
  • Endless add-ons can be added to make the server stand out
  • Many servers join
  • Freedom to select between Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition
  • IP protection that keeps your information secure

4.         Server.pro

It is another best free Minecraft host in the world. This website hosting company has worldwide data centers in 8 different countries. Server.pro uses VPS infrastructure to power all its plans that support various software and games. Though its free plan comes with some limitations, it provides valuable resources for newbies. It also ensures that all free plan users get the basic features that they require to have a flawless Minecraft experience, with a focus on file access and security for game modifications. Some of the key features of Server.pro include:

  • 10 players limit
  • Plugin installer for one-click, simple installs
  • Standard DDoS protection
  • 5GB NVMe SSD storage
  • A file manager for fast configurations and editing

5.         Falix

This web host takes free Minecraft server hosting to a higher notch by providing significant advantages. With Falix, you can build up to 3 Minecraft servers for free. When it comes to specifications, its free plan offers you 15 GB of storage, STFP support, zero queues, and 5.5GB of memory. As for the downside, the server will not be online always. Moreover, you need to be ready to navigate a few ads on the site. Besides the 3 servers that you can make with this web host, below are some more features that make it a preferred choice for hundreds and thousands of Minecrafters.

  • Get FREE MySQL database
  • Supports data packs, plugins, and mods
  • Get full control and access over the server environment
  • Modify Minecraft files after you download them

Choosing the best web hosting service provider for your Minecraft server hosting can get you the best gaming experience. The best host will offer you great performance, the right resources, customer support, and security. Such features are vital to a web hosting plan. Regardless of the hosting provider you select, we think it’ll take your Minecraft gaming world to a new height.

Minecraft Server Hosting Guide
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