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How To Add A Free Toolbar To Your Blog

Many bloggers have taken advantage of the extra options they can provide to readers by adding a toolbar to their blogs.You may have seen the toolbars in question on some of your favorite blogs and wondered how to add a toolbar to your blog or what are the advantages of using a toolbar, in this post we will look at were to get a toolbar and the options offered by the two big sites that offer free toolbars.

The two biggest free toolbar websites are The Meebo Toolbar and The Wibiya Toolbar and both offer options for sharing, chat, Stats, Rss and more.

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Meebo Toolbar


The Meebo bar allows visitors to your blog to share posts on the major social bookmarking and networking websites.Visitors can also access their social networks and chat directly from the toolbar.Among the other features is an accurate analytics option to track how many hits your blog is receiving.You can see all the options and instructions for adding the Meebo bar to your blog on www.Bar.Meebo.Com

Wibiya Toolbar

The Wibiya toolbar probably offers more options than the Meebo toolbar however adding too many options may only confuse readers.Included in the options is a blog search, translate option, lots of facebook options including sharing and chat, live stats and much more including blog notifications.For more info and details on how to add the Wibiya toolbar to your blog check out www.Wibiya.Com

Pros And Cons

Adding a toolbar to your blog is totally a matter of taste, both toolbars work well and wont slow page load time on your blog too much.Wibiya defiantly has more options and you can add or remove as many addons as you like.Check them both out and see if a toolbar can help your blog.

Opinions And Others

While their are other options such as the AddThis ShareBar i think these are the top two, but maybe you have found others if so let us know.

Will you be adding Meebo Or Wibiya to your blog ?

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How To Add A Free Toolbar To Your Blog
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