The New Blogger Dashboard And Design Is Live

Blogger today announced they have started the release of the New design Blogger Dashboard and User Interface Design. The release at first will be on Blogger In Draft, Quiet common for new releases but it will also be added to only some accounts at first .A random number of users will have the new Blogger dashboard from today when they log in via Blogger In Draft and over the next few days and weeks it will be added to more until all users have the new Dashboard in draft. Usually a new addition to blogger that is tested in draft finds its way on to the main blogger site within a week or two but a change this big could be longer.


The New Blogger Dashboard

dashboard_new 15-42-27

If you are one of the lucky ones with the new dashboard you can click the option to make Blogger In Draft your default dashboard so you are using it every time you log in.

You can see more on the change on the Official Blogger Blog.

Define And Translate Within Your Blogger Post Editor

Another addition i have seen just today (Only In Blogger In Draft)is a new button in the Blogger Post Editor.The button in question give you the option to Translate and Define Words and Sentences within the post editor.Simply highlight the word or sentence then click the new button (Have you noticed it before?).

So i wrote the word Blogger, Highlighted it and Clicked the new button 

 and i got the pop up shown below. You can see it defines the word, links to pages about it and the option is also there to translate it. Hopefully it will make it’s way to the main blogger site soon also.


You know i had no problem with the current dashboard until i seen the new one then i thought yeah the old one is rubbish should have been updated ages ago :).But it is a welcome change and it’s great that we are now getting used to not only new additions but big additions to blogger on a regular basis.

If you are thinking what is all this Blogger In Draft Talk check out this post What Is Blogger In Draft ?, Have you got the new Dashboard Yet ?

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The New Blogger Dashboard And Design Is Live
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