Using 9Slides

Using 9Slides For Video And Slide Presentation


We have all come across slide presentations and indeed video presentations as we journey around the web but what if we put the two together ?

In the past I have found slide presentations a great way to get your message across in a unique way, it’s direct and visually pleasing.Video presentations be it direct face on camera or as a screen cast have also become very popular.Regular readers will know I use screen casts in many posts and have used slide presentations so when I heard you could combine the two I was interested in trying out 9slides.

9Slides brings the best of slide and video presentations into one.The 9Slides platform allows you to run video side by side with your slide presentation in an easy to use and access format.For me the best feature was how quickly you can pick up the process of making your presentations.I quickly felt like an expert with most of the process seamless.I could also check out the completed presentation on all devices with the quality not affected.Once created it was easy to embed on my blogs or wherever I wanted.

How It Works

  • 9slides lets you be the face of your presentation through the video while using slides to deliver your message.The slides will scroll on the left while you appear on video to the right.This lets you talk through the points as you may have previously but now adding a face and personality, giving a reassuring dimension to your presentation.
  • Mobile Friendly 9slides will work across mobile devices and tablets to reach the maximum audience, this also helps in a BYOD workplace.The iPad app lets you take full advantage of these features.
  • The drag and drop format makes it really easy to create you presentation and while video is one of the main attractions if you just want audio with a particular presentation this is also an option.
  • Once your presentation is complete you can embed on your blog or website.
  • 9slides supports multiple files and document formats with a cloud based editor that gives an easy drag and drop to feature combine slide and video.As it is cloud based there are no downloads needed and 9slides can be accessed wherever you may be not only from your home or office computer.
  • Training is offered from General training to Organizational Training and even Training Seasonal Employees or users.
  • 9Slides offer real time analytics so users can track the performance of their presentation.
  • For bloggers and webmasters 9slides can be a very useful tool.From looking to increase conversion rates to simply using it as a unique blog post.Of course as an interactive tool it works great from the boardroom to the classroom.
  • 9Slides do offer a three month free trial to check out exactly what you can achieve.Thereafter they have a number of pricing options starting at $6 per month.

So if you are looking to make a presentation that catches the eye this could be for you.What do you think ? Drop your comments and questions below.

Using 9Slides For Video And Slide Presentation
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