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Latest Google Page Rank Update Underway Feburary 2012

I know all bloggers and webmasters keep an eye on their sites Google Page Rank.In short Page Rank is an indication of how Google rank your site in a scale from 1 to 10.Check out a previous post with more on Google Page Rank.We have been expecting a Page Rank update by the end of January start of February and i can confirm today that update has started.This site has seen a page rank increase from 4/10 to 5/10, i know this only happened today from a stats on our BuySellAds.

How To Check Your Blogs Page Rank

If you have the Google Toolbar Installed you will see the little green bar with the current page Page Rank.Other wise use our Free Google Page Rank Checker Tool right here on Spice Up Your Blog.

Hope you got a Page Rank Increase, Let Us Know In The Comments !

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Latest Google Page Rank Update Underway Feburary 2012
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