Save, Back Up And Restore A Blogger Template Using The New Blogger Dashboard


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Last week i was busy making some video screen casts with tutorials for the new Blogger design.In the next few posts i will be sharing the videos with you here on Spice Up Your Blog.Whether you like the new Interface or not we do need to familiarize ourselves with it.I'm sure as with all new Google products or updates the Blogger team will continue to make improvements.I'm certainly not over impressed with the new design and did leave feedback with 8 changes or additions I would like to see.

The first video covers Making a back up of your Template, as we know when you edit your template it's vital to make a back up in case of mistakes.

How To Make A Back Up Of Your Blogger Template Video Tutorial

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  1. Just what i was looking for thanks.

  2. hi, this site is fantastic, however, you may consider to shorten your title in order to get more tweets. :)

  3. Thank you so much for this Paul. I wonder how to back up the files as it was place somewhere :) Brilliant tutorials :)

  4. great stuff, thanks for sharing this...............

  5. I'm having trouble with this as the backup is saved in internet explorer for some reason but I am working in google chrome. Can you help?

    1. Barbara, You save a template to your computer not the browser so you can still upload it using chrome.You need to locate the template in your documents.

  6. dear thank you, you have explained it very well..


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