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Exciting New Design Coming To Blogger In 2011

2010 seen the most major additions to Blogger in a long time.Now the Blogger team have reveled some of the exciting things in store for 2011.A whole new design is in store for Blogger users as a cleaner more efficient interface is introduced.


Your Blogger dashboard will get a much needed face lift making it fresher with a focus not only on your Blogs but also the Blogs you Follow.The new Blogger Post editor which has only been around a short time is also getting an overhaul.

Blogger broke the news of the updates with a cool video and while they are not giving away too much i also have a few screenshots of the new dashboard and post editor.

Official Blogger Video – Have You Looked At Blogger Lately

Note – It’s cool to see Blogger Quote a post from this blog in the video @ 0:58 , the quote is from this post : New Fonts On Blogger Template Designer.

Below are some screenshots Blogger have provided to give you an idea of how the new design will look.

New Dashboard Screenshot


New Post Editor Screenshot


Blogger have not given a specific date as to when the changes will be made but it will be soon and as said in the video they have more changes in store that they cant reveal just yet.Hopefully those updates will include an upgrade to the comment system

You can see the post by Blogger here on the Official Google Blog.

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Exciting New Design Coming To Blogger In 2011
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