Google Release New Must See SEO Videos To Help Your Blog On Google Search

Posted : Wednesday, June 27, 2012  | Post Author : Paul Crowe | 11 comments

Google Search SEO LogoYou know when I started Blogging like all new Bloggers I immediately wondered how will I get my blog on Google.How can I get my Blog and posts to be displayed in search results and have visitors sent by Google.Once I started to learn about how Google works and the steps I could take to help my blogs rank on Google I somehow felt like I was in a way ‘Fooling Google’.By optimizing my site I was for the want of a better word ‘Tricking’ Google into displaying my content in their results.

But the truth is Google want to crawl your content, Google want your content to be easy to crawl, They want your site optimized and if your content is unique and useful they want to rank it on the first page of their results for related searches.

It seems a lot of posts I have published recently especially guest posts have been on the topic of Search Engine Optimization; and many new Bloggers think SEO is somehow a shady thing.But Google through sources like webmaster tools openly promote the use of SEO and Google employees like Matt Cutts Posts on his blog through Q&A videos helps webmasters and bloggers improve their sites for search.

So in this post I have added 10 videos the Google search quality team created this week to help beginners get their sites and blogs on Google.These videos are listed in a ‘Step By Step’ format and I highly recommend everyone from beginners to experienced bloggers take a look.

In the final video Google Search quality team member Maile Ohye becomes your personal SEO adviser.

10 SEO Videos From Google

Finding Your Site On Google

Remember getting your home page to show in results wont send traffic to your blog, you need to keep posting quality content that will get individual posts displayed.

Create Content The Will Perform Well On Google

As I said above “you need to keep posting quality content that will get individual posts displayed”.

Google Webmaster Tools Message Center

Make sure to create your account on Google WebMaster Tools.

Understand Which Search Terms Are Sending Visitors To Your Site

KeyWords are something you will hear constantly as you learn SEO.They are the search terms people actually write into the search box on Google.It’s very helpful to know what search terms people have typed when your blog has been returned as a result.

Crawl Errors Google May Find

Blogger have recently added the option to add a Robots.Txt file, if you are don’t fully understand how it works don’t edit it.In general your blog should not have any crawl errors but keep an eye out for them.

Using Social Media Can Help Your Site In Search

Google added Social signals to their algorithm Including signals from Facebook and Twitter.Google + now also plays a role and depending on the success of Google+ going forward I think it could play a larger role on how your content ranks.

Using Sitemaps To Help Google Find Your Content

As shown in the video their are a number of ways to generate a site map, this post we published shows you How to create a sitemap for your blog and submit it to Google.

How Malicious Partys Can Spam Your Site

The main concern for us Bloggers mentioned in this video is spam comments.Both Blogger and WordPress set comments to no-follow by default so you don’t need to make any changes.If you have changed your comments to do-follow its imperative you monitor comments and more importantly the links in comments.

Webspam Content Violations

Over the last year Google has made two major changes to their algorithm namely Panda update and Penguin update.These have been further steps Google take to remove low quality sites from their results.

SEO for startups in under 10 minutes

I’m 100% certain anyone that watches these videos will have learned something.Make sure to subscribe to the Google Webmaster channel on YouTube to be notified when they add new videos.

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  1. These videos are amazingly helpful in understanding the mysterious workings of Google searches. I’ve watched a few already…am delving into the secret world of meta descriptions…and expect to come out all the more successful as a result. Tweeted to my blogger friends!


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  3. Celebrity PicturesJune 28, 2012 at 3:39 PM

    nice post. I watch almost all the videos. Its very good when google do something informative for seo. now I can easily understand google’s new strategies about seo. Thanks.


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  5. lol- not sure if you guys are copying post idea from my bloggertricks or they are doing it you 😛





  6. haha I would think a lot of people have covered those videos they are a great resource.MBT is a great genuine site (Unlike a lot of the Blogger Tips sites that copy content) and as it’s in the same niche we both cover similar topics.



  8. Nice going through this post.. I liked the structure thing the most. nice videos


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  10. Creating quality content has always been the name of the game for those who want to grab the attention of people on the Internet. It’s the people that people are writing for, not the search engines. Besides, the crawlers are only there to check some ranking factors that can make a site visible on the search results. The crawlers aren’t going to be your fans; it’s the people.

    = Gerald Martin =


  11. Dear Sir On my blog there are some error on SEO one of the is On my blog there are four meta description but its not showing on my html code its showing on my page source code and second is from my blog meta language is missing so please help me out


  12. Nice post for the beginner