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New Blogger ‘Keep Widgets’ Setting When Changing Your Template

Blogger has just added an exciting new option that makes it so much easier for people to change their template and use a custom template.Now instead of having to delete the widgets on your template when changing you have a “Keep Widgets” button.

One of the biggest turn offs for people who wanted to use a custom template on their blog was when they made the change they would lose most of the widgets and gadgets they had on their old template.There is ways to overcome this but for people with little Html knowledge it was a bridge too far.They often didn’t make the change or allowed the widgets to be lost and had the frustrating job of having to find, edit and add them again.

But those dark days are Gone !

You now have the option to click the new “Keep Widgets” button and loose nothing.

Look at the screenshot below :

keep widgets blogger

You are told

“Warning: Your template does not contain the following widgets:”
“Would you like to keep these widgets on your blog or delete them?
Deleting widgets cannot be undone.”

Once you click “Keep Widgets” you new template will be uploaded and your Gadgets and Widgets will be kept.You can return to the layout section and move them around if required.

Remember you can get all these tips sent directly to your email and stay a step ahead.Its quick easy and of course a free service provided by Google just fill in the form below the post.

I think this will lead to total overhaul of blogger and we will see more people who were maybe cautious of using custom templates making the change.

From some of the comments i get here and questions i answer in the Help Form this was a needed change by the Blogger team maybe next they will add an auto unzip option 😀

You have no excuse now there are thousands of awesome templates out there go get creative, to get you started here are some of my favorites :

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What do you think will this new option help you ?

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New Blogger ‘Keep Widgets’ Setting When Changing Your Template
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