How To Delete A Blogger Blog Using The New Dashboard Design - Video Tutorial


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In the last post we had a video screen cast showing how to Back Up And Restore A Blogger Template in the new Blogger design.In this post we continue with the new Blogger design tips theme and show how to delete an unwanted blog.Remember when you delete a blog on Blogger you have the option to restore it within 90 days.Check out the video below and look out for more screen casts on using the new Blogger in upcoming posts.

How To Delete A Blog On The New Blogger Design

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Thanks. Its great to know you can actually delete your blog especially if you want to start something fresh and new. I always wondered how this could be done.

  3. Thank you so much! Needed this!

  4. how do i hide my archive? :( i want to completely remove the 'older post' sections

  5. Thank you! So simple, yet I couldn't figure it out : )

  6. What should I do, when the blog I want to delete is the user at the same time... I created it long time ago, I just want to delete it, but there is one more blog I want to keep. After 2 hours I didnt find any option...:( Please help!

    1. I don't fully understand, can you give as much info as possible ; I'm sure we can figure it out.

  7. super easy with the video been trying to figure it out on my own for a while now! thank you

  8. Thanks for the video. After using the old dashboard for years, the new dashboard seems so confusing.

  9. Thanks, dashboard is not very intuitive, glad to have your help!

  10. Hi Paul, really sorry to bother you again... But I still didnt find any way how to delete this one blog and keep the other one. Its getting on my nerves... Do you think you could get in touch with me over email? Again sorry, I know you are not any online help... But this whole blog thing is getting too annoying. This whole google is. I want to cancel picasaweb and I cant and I deleted pictures I didnt want there and it got deleted from my blog where I wanted them to be... Anyway, my mail is You dont have to publish this... Thanks a lot if you decide to try again...

  11. I've noticed that even after a blog is deleted, it is still listed in the blog list of the user, which means it is not permanently removed from Google's servers. Is there a way to permanently removes all its traces.

  12. good man yourself


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