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Huge Collection Of Over 5000 Stunning Free Social Bookmarking Icons

Hi Guys, Over the last month i have been putting together a monster list of social bookmarking, social networking and general social media icons.I scanned the designer websites, scanned through the icon sites and set up shop in Deviant Art.At first i thought if i could list maby 20 to 30 sets of cool social bookmarking icons it would be great but the list just grew and grew.The result is 101 (+5) full sets of totally stunning and totally free social bookmark icons.In all it adds up to over 5,000 icons for every social networking site from Facebook to Hi5, every Bookmark site from Digg to Design Float and extras from Email Rss to Favorite, Blogger and WordPress icons.

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So after countless hours of building the list of icons i checked and re-checked the links, images and spelling ect.. as this would be the largest post published on Spice Up Your Blog.But when i published i realised the D*** Blogger Auto Pagination had kicked in.So my beautifully crafted homepage with the latest 12 posts in easy nav summery boxes was cropped to display only one post.


The result is i couldn’t publish the list here on Spice Up Your Blog.Instead i had to publish my monster list of icons on my main freelance writing site Info Barrel.I have re posted this here because in an upcoming post i will show you how you can use any of these Bookmark Icons on Blogger (They can be used on any Blog Platform).Yep i will be showing you 106 differant Social Bookmarking Gadgets you can place below all your posts on Blogger !

To check out the 101+ Sets With Over 5,000 icons follow the link :

101 Most Stunning Social Bookmark Icons Sets

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Let us know what you think of the Icons or your Favorite sets in the comments, and look out for the post showing you how you can use any of the sets on your Blogger Blog !

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Huge Collection Of Over 5000 Stunning Free Social Bookmarking Icons
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