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How To Use Facebook To Boost Blog Traffic And Sales

Is investing time and money on Facebook really going to help increase your traffic and sales?

Or is Facebook as a social media marketing leader overrated?

I’m sure these were some of the questions that had come across your mind before, regardless of whether you have used Facebook as a social media marketing platform or not.

Is the ROI really worth the effort we put into Facebook?


Why Facebook Marketing ?

Let’s look at some interesting facts about Facebook as a social media marketing tool.

(1) On Oct 2012, Facebook has reached 1 billion active members. Granted that some of these accounts may be inactive or non-human (eg businesses and pets) or duplicate (with one person having multiple accounts)… still, the number is overwhelming.

(2) More than 50% of its users log on everyday.

(3) The average user spends more than 20 minutes on Facebook daily.

(4) 2 major reasons why users “like” a Facebook brand is because they genuinely like the brand and because they wanted the promotional items or services.

(5) Majority of the brands which used Facebook as a marketing tool, had reported a significant increase in referral traffic and revenue.

And of course…
(6) Facebook is the most popular social media choice ahead of Twitter and LinkedIn.

I’m Convinced. But How Do I Unleash Facebook’s Potential?

There are a few simple ways you can make use of Facebook to give your website a traffic boost or your business’ bottom line a nice improvement. Here’s a list of some of methods that you can implement for your brand.

#1: Network Building

Why many take advantage of Facebook marketing or any social media marketing, is the fact that it easily allows you to build your network. It is essentially your basics for using Facebook as a marketing tool for your blog or business. So, invite all your acquaintances and your customers.
In addition to that, you can also start a group and invite those interested in the same topic or your business to join it. The best part this method offers is it’s free and it’s targeted.

#2: Introduce Yourself to Your Friends and Fans

One of the golden rules of using social media as a marketing tool is to introduce yourself, your blog and your business, whichever relevant. You don’t have to disclose too much personal information if you are not comfortable in doing so but instead, work on building an interesting profile, be it your passion (in what you blog) or your products / services.
People read blogs that they are acquainted with and buy from businesses which they are familiar with. As for the latter, you might even get away with a slightly higher price compared to your competitors. I know for I have seen it happened.

#3: Engage Your Friends and Fans

After all, Facebook is all about social interaction. What’s a better way to interact with your readers and customers than to answer or address their comments, concerns or thoughts?

This does not mean that you need to be on standby on your Facebook account all the while waiting for these comments. I’m pretty sure your readers and customers won’t mind waiting a bit for your answers. However, it is common sense that when you have an active promotion, you should be expecting more comments. The faster you address their queries, the higher your chances are of increasing your traffic and sales, as the promotions are still fresh on their minds.

#4: Upload Images and Videos

Another engaging activity that you are recommended to do is to upload images and videos. It can be pictures related to your post or a video on how to use your products. This proves to be a rather effective way as it stands out among other text posts and updates. Add an interesting caption and you are set to draw in more attention and hence, generate traffic, “likes” and subsequently sales too.

#5: Don’t Spam

Nobody likes a spammer. So, while you are anxious to see the results from promoting your brand on Facebook, you need to refrain from spamming, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Updating every 10 minutes or posting dozens of posts daily are considered spamming as your friends and fans’ accounts will be filled with your posts and updates to the point that it becomes irritating. When that happens, you are most likely to be blocked from their account.

Having said that, don’t wait till the following month before you post something! You probably have your friends and fans forgetting about your brand.

#6: Apps for Your Facebook Marketing

Check out the following apps and see if you can make use of it in your Facebook account.

ContactMe (http://www.facebook.com/contactforms) – this allows you to add a contact form to your Facebook page. It’s easy to use and be customized.

Ecwid (http://www.ecwid.com/) – this shopping cart is especially for those running a business on Facebook. It is web and mobile optimized which is great, judging by the amount of people assessing their Facebook accounts through mobile devices. It can be integrated with online and offline payment methods like Paypal & Google Wallet and shipping carriers like UPS & FedEx. There are two packages available ie Basic which is free and Silver which has more features and costs $17 per month.

PostPlanner (http://www.postplanner.com/) -this premium app is simple yet effective. It helps you schedule your posts (including images and video, which is not commonly offered by other scheduling apps) to your Facebook page and groups. Great for when you are away from the computer for an extended period or when you want to ensure that your posts be delivered at certain time egduring peak time. Packages start from $4.95 per month.

There you are, some of the simpler and effective ways to give your traffic and sales a boost. I do hope you find them useful. Do you have any other tips on how to do so too? Do share. I would love to read about them.


By Guest Author – Alicia is has been building websites since 10 years ago. She loves content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla. She blogs on 100Wpthemes.com – a popular WordPress and web design website. You can read her blogging, website building and many other interesting tips and connect with her on her blog. Check it out!

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