Add Social Sharing Buttons To All Images On Blogger And WordPress


Photos and images have become such an integral part of blogs with many thinking images are as important as the text.This does not just referr to Photography blogs but no matter what the subject of your blog; visitors respond to photos and other media.The success of Pinterst has just gone to reiterate this, in the modern online world the old and overused saying A picture is worth a thousand words really rings true.

So as bloggers we can utilize the images we use on our blogs in a number of ways.In this post we will see how to use images to get visitors sharing your posts.This tutorial will cover how to add social bookmarking buttons to the images you use on your blog.So directly from the image visitors can share the image (thus the post) on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular social networks.I know from emails and comments i received this was something many of you have been looking for.

To do this we will use the gadget from SlingPic which offers a plugin for WordPress users and I will walk you through how to add the code to Blogger.Take a look at the demo below, simply hover over the images to see the share options :

View Demo Button

Add To WordPress

WordPress users can simply go to this page, download the plugin then upload to your blogs plugins directory.You can access the settings via the plugins menu.

Add To Blogger

For this gadget we can use our Add To Blogger Button to make it as easy as possible.There are three style to suit the design of your blog.The default style will work on all blogs and there is a dark theme to suit blogs using dark colors and finally a light theme for a minimalist look.

Choose your style > Click the Add To Blogger Button for that style > On the new page that opens Click “Add widget”.

Note : You must be logged into your Blogger account.If you have more than one blog choose the blog you want to add the widget to.

Default Theme

Dark Theme

Light Theme

That’s it thanks to SlingPic for the code and you can go there for some extra options.

Drop your comments and questions below.

AuthorAuthor – Paul Crowe is the owner and main author of Spice Up Your Blog.Paul lives in Ireland, has been blogging since 2006 and writing Spice Up Your Blog since 2009.You can find him in the usual social networks.



  1. Fantastic !
    Question: I want to remove the email and replace it with Google+. How do I do this please.
    Thanks in advance 🙂



  2. Isabelle When you click share to display the buttons you will see it has ‘More’ below the Twitter, FB and Pinterest buttons.This opens up more sharing options including Email.At the moment there is not an option to have Email as one of the three main options.


  3. Thank you Paul 🙂 But my main options are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the email envelope.

    On your “Add To Blogger Button “, the images show the Google+ icon in the main option. Is this a mistake or maybe I’m doing something wrong ?



  5. I love this sooo much!!



  6. Great I’m glad you like it !



  8. Thanks a lot Paul for this post. I have a question: I already have Share this button on the post, and now if I add t his for the images would it create any issues? I use self hosted wordpress. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year



  9. I can see no reason why there would be and issue with that.



  11. I added the widget to my blogger like you said. The widget is in my layout, but I’m not seeing any social links when viewing blog. What else do I need to do to activate?



  12. Gina I took a quick look at your blog and your images are not hyperlinks (you can not click them).Do you upload the images directly to your blog or are they hosted elsewere ?


  13. I have the very same problem. And yes, i upload images directly. Is this the problem?


  14. Bensu if you upload the images directly to your blog it should work fine.What’s the address of your blog ?



  16. thanks spiceupyourblog


  17. This is very handy – thanks! I tried this out on two of my blogs – but unfortunately random images are being shared instead of the image I choose to share. What’s going wrong?


  18. This is a great idea to add the share option to images. I use Blogger and have tried installing this on two of my blogs – but for some reason instead of the image I’ve chosen, another random image from the blog shows up instead! Do you know why this is happening? I deactivated the ‘showcase images with lightbox’ option in Blogger because I thought this was the cause of the problem, but this hasn’t fixed it. Any ideas?



  19. Isabel it’s important the images you upload to your blog are uploaded via Blogger, otherwise it may grab a different image from the page.


  20. Hello,

    Wonderful widget for adding social buttons to the images, it will surely get more response from the social media.



  21. Hello Paul,

    the button of Ad to Blogger for insert the widget, didn’t works, blogger tells me error, what is the problem, thanks.



  22. You should clear your browser history and then try 🙂


  23. Indeed clear the History/Cache as Angela suggests.



  25. I really like this but it keeps giving me error even I clear everything on my browser – I would love to do manual copying and pasting of the code. thanks



  26. If you head over to the Sling Pic website you can grab the code and paste it into your template.

    Good Luck !



  28. Hi, in Blogger, if the image is not full size, then clicking on them takes one to a gallery view. The slingit share option is available on the main page images, but not the gallery view. Any ideas?



  29. How to enable this option only for medium size images?