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Google Plus – Create A Facebook Style Fan Page On Google+


Google Plus has been live online since the end of June 2011, while it started growing at the speed of a runaway train questions are being asked as to it’s future.Recently however Google have added a Google Plus Pages option for Business, Bands and products.Google Plus Pages are not just like Facebook Pages they have almost the exact same format.So for us Bloggers, we can as on Facebook create a page for our blog on Google Plus.Creating the page is quick and easy and in this post i will walk you through he steps.

Create A Google Plus Fan Page For Your Blog

Step 1. Go to the Google Plus Pages : Create Google Plus Page.

Step 2. Pick a category in on the left of the page, Click “Product Or Band”.

Step 3. Add your page name (The Name Of Your Blog), and blog address in the website field.

Step 4. Agree to the terms and click create, that’s it.

Check out the Spice Up Your Blog Google Plus Page.

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Google Plus – Create A Facebook Style Fan Page On Google+
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