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The 7 Top Tips Direct From AdSense To Earn More From Your Blog

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A few weeks ago i told you how i managed to get my mistakenly closed AdSense account reopened.In that post i mentioned how, ironic as it seemed at the time while my AdSense account was closed i received a booklet from Google AdSense with some tips to increase earnings.The booklet had some general tips and some specific tips for Spice Up Your Blog.I know AdSense don’t send these booklets to everyone so in this post i will share the tips AdSense gave.Apart from the tips specifically for my sites there was 7 general tips that i think can help everyone make more money with AdSense.

Go Wide

AdSense have found wider and generally larger units perform better, which isn’t rocket science as it will take up more space and is more likely to be seen.But advertisers are also willing to pay more for larger size ads so a click on a large unit can be worth much more than on a smaller unit.The top 4 performing units according to AdSense are – 300×250 Medium Rectangle, 336×280 Large Rectangle, 728×90 Leader board and 160×600 Skyscraper.

Helpful Link – Add A Cross Column Section Below Header For 728×90 AdSense To Your Blog.

More Is Better

You are allowed use 3 Ad Units and 3 Link Lists on every page obviously the more ads the more chance of clicks.

Enable Text And Image Ads

Advertisers bid a maximum they are willing to pay for ad spots.AdSense display the ads from the highest bidder.By enabling both Text and Image ads you increase the number of ads competing to appear on your blog thus increasing your earnings.

Let Your Ads Be Seen

The section of your pages people can see when the page loads without having to scroll is called “Above The Fold”.Placing ads at the top of pages above the fold can increase earnings.

Blend In

When creating you AdSense units take a little time to match the colors with your blog.Ads that blend in with the other content get more clicks.

“…AdSense recommend creating a ‘borderless’ look by setting the border and background of an ad unit to be the same color as the page were it appears…”

Channel Your Energy

Use custom channels to track the performance of each unit.This allows you to distinguish the ‘Studs from The Duds’.You can move low performing units to different zones on your blog until you optimize all units.

Add AdSense For Search

AdSense for search not only returns awesome results all from within your blog (Personal Opinion) it also displays relevant ads on the results page.

Helpful Link – How To Display AdSense For Search Results Within Blogger Blogs.

All these tips come directly from AdSense (I have changed the wording a bit) and should help you make more money with AdSense on your blog.You should also check out Create a AdSense Required Privacy PolicyHow To Report Invalid Clicks To AdSense and our other AdSense Tips.

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The 7 Top Tips Direct From AdSense To Earn More From Your Blog
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