Avoid Getting Banned From AdSense – Report Invalid Clicks

One of the main reasons for people having their AdSense account closed and loosing all earnings is invalid clicks.Clicking ads on your own blog on purpose is just plain dumb, you will be caught and could lose the chance to ever use AdSense again.Their are other scams like getting friends to click your ads or agreeing with other bloggers and webmasters to form a ‘Click Group’ in which they click each others ads.While you may think you can get away with these scams it wont be long before you receive the dreaded Email from the AdSense team.In this post we will see what activity looks suspicious on your account and how you can report accidental clicks or rough clicks on your account.


You would be surprised at how often people accidentally click there own ads.In the same vein sometimes a friend may think they are doing you a favor by clicking your ads.I recently read a blog post in which the author told how he received an Email from a blogger telling him he had clicked all his ads and asking him to return the favor.Instead of returning the favor he reported the incident to Google, an action that probably saw the ‘Happy Clicker’ banned.While this may seem harsh the simple fact is you need to cover yourself and keep your account clean.

AdSense track all clicks and any strange activity will stand out.If your account shows a surge in clicks it will be checked out.If your account receives lots of clicks from the same IP address it will be checked out.If your account receives clicks from your IP address….If your account receives clicks from IP address in your region….I have also read that all accounts are checked once they reach the payment threshold.AdSense is Google’s main source of income so they will be ruthless when it comes to keeping it clean.

Report Invalid Clicks

The best way to stay onside with AdSense is to report any invalid clicks before they find them.If you have accidentally clicked on your own ads, think a friend was clicking on your ads,  or if you have been contacted by someone looking to set up a ‘Click Group’ you need to take the matter into your own hands.

Were To Go

-To report any of these instances follow this link and you will find the appropriate report form, Scroll to and click the ‘Policy violations’ link – AdSense Contact Support

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Avoid Getting Banned From AdSense – Report Invalid Clicks
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