New Chrome AdSense Toolbar Shows Earnings And More


New AdSense Toolbar Shows Earnings Tab And More
The AdSense team have just released a toolbar extension for the Chrome browser.This AdSense toolbar has two main features.Firstly you can view your earnings without having to the leave page your on to visit your AdSense dashboard.This is somewhat useful but just saves a few seconds.The second feature however seems much more useful.With the toolbar installed when you visit your site your ad units will have an overlay which displays their performance.Both the earnings tab and overlay display the earnings for the current day, yesterdays earnings and earnings for the last seven days.Both also have a link to your AdSense dashboard while the unit overlay also has a link to edit the unit.

"..When viewing your website, this feature will show you a snapshot of your AdSense account performance as a widget in the corner of your browser window. It also includes ad overlays that describe the recent performance of specific ad units, and gives you the option to access AdSense directly.."

AdSense Earnings Tab

AdSense Unit Overlay

How To Use The New AdSense Publisher Toolbar

1. The toolbar is for the Google Chrome browser only so while using the chrome browser visit the AdSense Publisher Toolbar Extension Page.

2. Grant the permissions required.

3. Finally to implement the overlays on your sites ad units visit your site, click on the toolbar icon and grant permissions.

More information can be found on the AdSense Blog and AdSense Help Page.

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  1. This is welcome and has come at the right time.

  2. thanks for this great post
    i always use ur tips on my blog cargoogler :D

  3. sir, i dont have adsense for my Blog.
    How can i get now with fee of charge?

  4. Thanks I have added it to chrome. It also displays the lifetime revenue which is pretty cool.

  5. @ Venkatesh N - You need to go to the monitize tab on blogger or to apply.

  6. Wow this is an awesome toolbar! And its an awesome earnings too. I wonder that someday I'll have that tool bar and your earnings as well too. Right now I'm promoting my newly created Blogger blog and your site just have everything that i needed in the long run. Thank you for sharing and hope to learn more from you!

  7. Thanks for sharing ,this was a much needed extension

  8. how i put adsense on download link

  9. Thanks SO much for letting me know about this tool.

  10. Glad to read over your article. Was interesting enough to drive my interest :)

  11. i qpplied for it and rejected i am :(


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