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New – Search And Add YouTube Videos From Your Blogger Post Editor

If your a Blogger that likes to add Videos to their posts on Blogger a brand new option has been added to the Blogger In Draft post editor to make the process much easier.Blogger have just added a new feature that will allow you to search YouTube for videos and add them to a post without leaving the post editor.Like most new features the button has been added to Blogger In Draft at first and it usually takes a week or two before it is added to the main Blogger site.

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How It Works

First you must be logged into your Blogger Account via Blogger In Draft

When you click the Video icon in your post editor you will now see two new options “From YouTube” and “My YouTube Videos“.From YouTube with generate a search bar for you to find a video you want to use and My You Tube Videos will show a list of videos you have uploaded to YouTube.

Once you see the video you want to use click select and you can drag and drop the video into position in the same way you would with an image.

I Think it’s another great new Blogger Feature and once again shows Blogger is getting better all the time, You can get more info in the official Blogger In Draft.Post.Check out more of the latest Blogger News.

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New – Search And Add YouTube Videos From Your Blogger Post Editor
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