Use The Old Layout Blogger Templates Including Minima And Rounders

old layout blogger templatesI was recently contacted by a disgruntled Blogger telling me they had been using the Minima Stretch template, decided to try a custom template and wanted to switch back.Since Blogger launched the template designer with brand a brand new selection of Templates he went into a panic as he didn’t know how he could still select Minima or any of the old Blogger templates.You will be glad to know you can easily access all the Blogger standard blogger templates from before the introduction of the Template Designer.

The old Blogger Templates were launched in 2006 and included 16 Templates in a number of styles, colors and sizes.The templates included Minima, Denim, Rounders, Minima Stretch, Herbert, Harbor, Scribe, Dots, Thisaway, Snapshot and Tic Tac.

How To Select The Old Layout Blogger Templates

1. In Your Blogger Dashboard Click > Design > Edit Html > Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page.

2. You will see the Old Templates And Classic Templates Option, Click On ‘Select Layout Templates’.

3. You can now pick from the old layout Blogger Templates, Make sure to not click the Classic Templates option this reverts back to old Blogger Template Code.

Simple, you can check out the Best Blogger Custom Templates on our Templates Site.


  1. Suzannah B. Troy artistJune 28, 2011 at 2:56 AM

    Hi. Tonight I fixed the text box up top on my blog and it threw my blog in to disarray. I removed the box and added. Something has corrupted my layout. The archive now at the very bottom. If u click on post my blog appears as it should. Do I need to remove my extra adds on – perhaps corrupted? Using old template. Now have xtra post up top and old blogger looks extra wide. ? Thanks for your post. Any thought?


  2. @ Suzannah – I suggest you post your problem in the Blogger Help Forum –


  3. Suzannah B. Troy artistJuly 3, 2011 at 1:34 PM

    Thank you. I had a broken division. As soon as I deleted the post with the broken div the blog template went back to normal. I learned this reading a post in blogger help. Thanks again.


  4. Thank you so much!! i’m so glad i came to this site. i was previously using simple, the upgraded one, and i felt that it wasnt as gd as minima which i wanted to use as my blog. now im able to change back to the minima theme and still keep the way my sidebar looks and so as my posts! Thanks for ur help.


  5. huh.. i learned to make some template by editing minima.. when google created new interface i thought i lost minima forever.. thank you for your i know where to when i am in trouble..