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How To Create A Top Blogging Community

When we blog, we must try to create a thriving blogging community. In other words, it’s important that we can access a network of like-minded bloggers who can help us if we need help and vice versa. In this case, blogging then becomes more than simply writing and publishing on our own blogs; instead, it becomes an activity that allows you and other bloggers to join together into a community of voices. Once this happens, you can really see how powerful blogging truly is.
But how do you create this thriving community? Follow these tips to see if you get any ideas.


Reach Out To Professional Bloggers

One way that we can help create a thriving blogging community is to reach out to those bloggers who are more established, who have taken the time to work themselves into positions of influence. If you can make a strong connection with them, then you might be able to leverage that connection into a strong network of bloggers who can begin to join together to support one another via their blogs. Established bloggers should help younger bloggers; it is essential to the health of the community.

Respond to Commenters

Another way to make others feel as though they are part of a blogging community is to respond to them directly in the comments section of your blog. This will make your blog into an open place of discussion, and it will give you a good reputation as someone who fosters and respects that discussion. Then, when you go to other blogs, people will remember your name because you responded to them openly and let them speak their minds.

Write Posts in Reaction to Others

If you read a really interesting post at another blog that you like, then you should consider writing a post in direct response to that post. This will help create a connection between your blog and that other blog, which will further strengthen your blogging community. The other blogger will hopefully see that you’ve written a response and engage you in conversation, either in the comments section or at his or her own blog, thus further extending the conversation.

Create a Local Blogger Meet-Up

You can also foster community among bloggers by organizing a local meet and greet in real life. This might at first be a little weird, since many of us are so used to interacting online, but it could be a great way to talk about things other than blogging. There’s something nice about seeing others in real life who have committed so much to building a blogging community. It can rejuvenate a community.

Share Link Love

Finally, as a blogger who is interested in building a blogging community, you should do your best to share link love as much as possible, especially with those bloggers whom you respect. Sharing link love will help search engines track your blogs and it will also show readers that you have a larger blog network that is an important part of the community.

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How To Create A Top Blogging Community
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