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How To Automatically Digg All Your Blog Posts

One of the ways bloggers build links to their posts and attract new visitors is by bookmarking their posts on social bookmarking sites.Perhaps the most popular bookmarking site is and a blog post becoming popular on Digg could have a massive effect on your blog.In fact if you managed to have a post become popular enough to make it onto the front page of digg it could turn into hundreds of thousands of new visitors.

Digging you posts does take time and until now there was no way of ‘Auto Digging’ your latest posts.Some gadgets did claim they would automatically Digg you posts but the submission process make it almost imposable.I think Digg realised most storeys were Dugg by their authors so with the release of the new Digg layout they have included the option to submit your blog to be Auto Dugg.

If you already have a Digg account you can set your blog to Automatically Digg in a few seconds if not sign up and you will be done in a few minutes.You will need to verify yourself as the owner of your blog to automatically Digg your posts, below i will walk you through the steps.

How To Automatically Digg Your Blog Posts

Step 1. Go to Digg.Com and sign in or sign up.

Step 2. On your homepage click the drop down menu in the top right then the import feeds link in the side menu as shown below. :

digg settings

Step 3. You are now presented with a form to add your blogs URL address and the category you blog falls under.Add those details and click the ‘Add Feed’ button.

Step 4. The next step is to verify yourself as the owner of the blog.You have two options here you should choose the second option to add the key provided to your next post.Don’t worry you don’t have to wait until you write a new post just add the code provided by Digg to your last post and click the verify now button.After a few seconds you will be told you have been verified and all you blog posts will be automatically Dugg.

OK that’s it they will automatically Digg all you posts and you should see some extra visitors.Who knows you might just make the front page and experience the “Digg Effect” !

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How To Automatically Digg All Your Blog Posts
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