5 Massive Ways To Market Your Blog Content Effectively

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Guest Post – Our host is Yasir Khan, who looks at the steps you can take after clicking publish to promote your content.See How To Become a guest author on Spice Up Your Blog.

Blog content are the power source of any blog in the blogosphere. If you take a look at the top blogs online, they aren’t topping the search engines for their main keywords just because they overly did SEO little too well, but it’s because they invested a huge amount of their time writing up and publishing epic posts whose value cannot be matched to any similar post out there.

Having said that, it’s imperative to have content that adds value on one’s blog, not only that, it’s also important to know how to market it in other for the search engines to know that the contents are of high value.

So how exactly do you market your blog content in other for it to go viral ? Which talisman is currently working at the moment?

Below are 5 sure ways which you can use to market your blog contents like a professional-

Engage With The Influencers On Twitter

You should always do this each time you write up an epic post. There is and must be a guru online who has quite a large following on Twitter who is quite interested on a particular niche you write on. So when this type of personality reads your post and ends up sharing them to his followers, that’s more exposure, more traffic and links – free links – to your blog content.

This is how to get them to retweet your blog contents to their insanely huge amount of followers. Now, go through that guru’s blog; find out the new post which he has just recently written, once you’ve done that, write up an elongated epic post of that topic.

After writing, tweet it and make sure to tag the guru in the tweet and also explain a little about the post in the tweet to him. Believe me, this always works, try it and see traffic pump straight to your blog content.

Make Your Blog Contents Extremely Shareable

Another way to market your blog content is to make sure the contents in question is shareable. As we all know, people online don’t really share or promote low-quality blog posts to their friends or followers. They believe in quality content, posts that answer a dire problem in the blogosphere -That’s the type of post they share.

So when you write up content in a nonchalant manner – not even caring whether the post will solve a need or not – it becomes a post which people will hardly share.

That’s why I had to put this in one of the ways to market your blog content; because if you write up wack post, then people will hardly share your content at all – that’s the hard fact.

Nevertheless, go on to write up good content and people will share it; when they share your content, exposure will come into play, leaving your content very much marketed to diverse people online.

Guest Post On Blogs Maximally

This strategy is still the best way to market your blog content today. Let me show you two significant things that guest posting on other blogs will do for your blog content.

i. It Will Send More Links To Each Individual Posts. Links are one of the most important metric which search engines uses to rank blog content higher in their search rankings. Guest posts will help you attract inbound links to your blog posts.

This means, the more you guest post, the more links you get thrown to your blog contents; and the more traffic and links you get from your guest post on those blogs, the higher you climb the search engines rankings for those posts topics, which will of course inevitably market your blog’s posts to a huge amount of people.

ii. Guest Post Will Help Market Your Blog to a New Audience. That’s just the fact and why it’s this popular amongst bloggers in the blogosphere. When you guest post, one third of the audience will get to know you that day, and may even turn loyal readers of your blog when they visit and find out you have unique posts.

Of course, this is to your advantage, as you’re getting links and also new blog readers, it will promote your blog up the search engine ranking, and also turn those readers to loyal readers who might end-up buying anything you promote and also share any content you write on.

So, like I once said, guest posting is one of the ways to keep marketing your blog contents and also attract links and traffic at same time. Leverage this strategy and you’ll get to see your content be more interactive and lively on the long run.

Some sites which accept gust post presently –

  • http:// spiceupyourblog.com
  • http://allbloggingtips.com
  • http://www.bloggingjunction.com/
  • http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com
  • http://techpatio.com/
  • http://www.blogengage.com
  • http://www.probloggingsuccess.com
  • http://www.itechcode.com
  • http://www.thebadblogger.com
  • http://www.techblaster.net
  • http://www.teckilla.com
  • http://tycoonblogger.com/
  • http://superbloggingtips.com
  • http://www.blogelina.com
  • http://www.bloggodown.com/
  • http://www.iblogzone.com/
  • http://www.blogstash.com/
  • http://www.jonathanvolk.com/
  • http://www.webuildyourblog.com/
  • http://www.windowstalk.org/
  • http://www.intenseblog.com/
  • http://kikolani.com/
  • http://niceblogger.com/
  • http://weblogbetter.com
  • http://bloggingwithoutablog.com/
  • http://www.smartbloggerz.com
  • http://wordpress-websitebuilder.com/
  • http://www.growmap.com/
  • http://www.blogussion.com
  • http://blog.2createawebsite.com
  • http://www.basicblogtips.com
  • http://freebloghelp.com
  • http://www.neurosciencemarketing.com/blog
  • http://kikolani.com
  • http://www.comptalks.com
  • http://www.netchunks.com
  • http://www.famousbloggers.net
  • http://www.techtricksworld.com/
  • http://www.technshare.com/
  • http://www.searchenginepeople.com/blog


Sharing The Content With Your Email List

This is also one of the most effective ways to really market your blog posts out there on the internet. The most effective way to receive social shares always comes from your list. Your email list contains people who are very passionate about your content; so it will do well if you send your latest posts that direction; since they’re usually the ones who share your contents more, they buy eBooks and products you endorse more than other people, they also comment on your blog’s latest posts more than any other set of people.

So you see? It’s very realistic for you to want to always share your contents to your blog’s email list. If you’re yet to start building a list for your blog, then you should start immediately using these fantastic auto-responders on the internet-

# GetResponse.com (offers first 30 days – free)
# Aweber.com
# Mailchimp.com

Get started and grow your list up to a staggering amount.

Market Your Blog Content Through Bookmarking Sites

It’s quite simple and doesn’t require a long process in other to master the act of bookmarking a site. To market your blog contents using this method, first write up the blog content, then proceed and register with as many bookmarking sites as possible.

After that, add your site to any of those websites and let the traffic flow, this traffic will bring with it a lot of people that will share your contents and also subscribe to your blog.

Below are some of the best bookmarking that you can leverage right now –

  • http://linksbobet222.com
  • http://www.tasavvufmuzigi.com
  • www.free-onlinewebdirectory.com
  • http://www.delicious.com
  • http://www.digg.com
  • http://www.stumbleUpon.com
  • http://www.reddit.com
  • http://www.technorati.com
  • http://linkguest.com
  • http://social-key.com
  • http://www.tejero.net
  • http://dogsubmit.com
  • http://www.wikifollow.info
  • http://bestfoodsnearyou.com
  • http://bookmarkfly.com
  • http://specialbacklinks.com
  • http://forumimages.com
  • http://vdyu.us
  • http://best-online-shopping-site.com

How do you promote your blog content ?

AuthorBy Guest Author – Yasir Khan is a professional internet marketer and SEO. He has been marketing for small and medium-sized businesses for over 5 years, and he is the founder of post-penguin SEO company, Quantum SEO Labs. You can read about the most cost-effective marketing tips on his blog.




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