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Change The Author Name On Your Blog

The name on your Blogger/Google account is the name that will be displayed on your blog as the author.However you may want to use a different name for your blog without changing the name on your account.In the same way you may have more than one blog on your account and want to use different author names on different blogs.In this post we will see exactly how to change the author name on your blog and how to use different names on different blogs.The process of changing the name on your Blogger blog is quiet simple so lets get started.


Change The Author Name On Your Blog

Step 1. In your Blogger dashboard click ‘Layout/Design’ > ‘Edit Html’ > Tick The ‘Expand Widget Templates’ Box.

Step 2. Find the following piece of code in your blogs Html : (Click Ctrl and F for a search bar to help find the code – More Info)


Step 3. You now change the code you found for the name you want to appear on your blog.So for example i would change <> to Paul Crowe or any name i want…Easy.

Step 4. Save Your Template and remember you can return to this post and reverse the steps to change back at any time.

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If you have more than one blog in your Blogger account you can now use this tutorial to change the author names and even use a different name on each blog.

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Change The Author Name On Your Blog
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