UberConference Looking To The Future Of Conference Calls


After listing a number of useful tools for bloggers I was made aware of a tool I decided to try that’s looking to change the face (Literally) of conference calls.Conference calls were a big innovation in the not too distant past but it seemed due to limitations the conference call was on the way out.Conducting a multi person meeting over the phone does save time and money but a “Faceless” conversation no matter how convenient just want the same.

Uberconference are looking to change all this and make the conference call a more personal controlled experience.While video calls can be cumbersome with participants often using different connection speeds Uberconferance works by displaying a picture of each person present on the call and highlights who is currently talking getting of a lot of the guesswork.This coupled with the selection of options gives it a real chance of bringing back the conference call.Lets see how it works and run through the feature.

How It Works

  • People can join the call via phone or Internet with an invite you send by email or through social profiles.
  • As you have sent the invite participants don’t need to go looking for a pin to join they get straight through to the conference.
  • Once the call has started you see a conference view screen with images of who is currently on the call.This lets you know exactly who is there and who is currently talking.Each persons image will have a number of options attached to give you more control.
  • Two of the great options are to mute people in the call but also mute your voice from them.
  • You can quickly mute someone who might for example have background noise disturbing the call, this can be quickly undone.
  • You can also temporarily mute your conversation from selected people.This is great if you want to talk to one or more people privately during the call.This is the ‘earmuffs’ options and great if you don’t want selected people to listed to parts of the conversation.
  • During the call to you can click on each persons image to access their social information.Indeed social is a big part of Uberconferance as you can connect your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.
  • You can record calls so once the call is complete you can save a recording to share with those who missed the call.This is a great way to save time updating people who couldn’t make it on exactly what was said.
  • If you have a schedule or documents pertaining to the meeting no problem.Box and Evernote are integrated so you can share there with all in the conference.
  • Calls along with the core features are free with the Pro package an additional $10 per month.

As a Blogger I used this on a job I was doing recently and held a conference with the client and a designer that works with me.Having the three of us be able to hold an open conversation was extremely time saving.I often found I would have to relay the clients needs to the designer but now we were all on the same page.

Uberconferance could be the tool to bring the conference call back.What do you think ? Drop your comments and questions below.

UberConference Looking To The Future Of Conference Calls
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