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The tutorials in this blog can be implemented by anyone however you may need some extra help and that's why i created this page.This page is just some extra info and some alternative code if your having trouble finding code.Before you start making changes to your template here is some information and techniques you will need.

Always back up your template before making changes - How to Back Up Your Template

Knowing these 3 techniques will help you with our tutorials

How to copy and paste code and text

How To Add A Gadget to Blogger Sidebar

How To Easily Find Code In Your Template using CTRL F for a search bar

Here are more tips for beginners :

The basics

Just leave a comment and i will reply with help or if i need to i will have a look at your blog to get it fixed.

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  1. Nice Tips thanks.

  2. This is the most effective and easiest blog tips page I have found in 3 years! It's lovely too!

  3. Thanks Heather,

    Hi praise indeed you made my day :D

    Glad to help,


  4. I can't wait to dig around your site to work on my blogs.
    Question: I am having trouble with my blog header not being centered.
    I have been making headers for my friends and I am getting frustrated with it not being centered. I have even started with a fresh new minima template.
    Do you have any ideas?

  5. Hi Scooter,

    First i presume you added the image by clicking 'Edit' for the header in the layout page and uploading the image ? If you did heres the steps to center the image :

    Go to your templates html by clicking > Layout > Edit html.

    Now find this code in your blogs html :


    Add this code DIRECTLY ABOVE the code you found :

    #header-inner img {
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;

    Save you template and your header should be centered.Let me know if you need more help..


  6. I have a custom layout and can't find my code :( Any way to help?

  7. u saved me once again !TY for the information !

  8. pls, can you tell me how to make my blog post to appear closer to the post title. My post is farther from the title post. Thanks

  9. @ Okechukwa - Are you using a programme like live writer to write your posts and pasting them into the post editor ? Drop me an Email via the contact link in the header and i will sort it out for you..

  10. Sir. You are doing Greatly. Me new. My template not allowing + 1 button. Kindly help ? With Regards.

  11. Hello Paul

    Thank you for your generous tutorial. I've used the control F and put the data:comment etc in the box and no matches were found and I clicked the expand button on and off several times, I also spent a long time looking for it myself and it isn't there. CAn you offer any help please? I really appreciate it.

  12. sir,ihow to get that flying bird twitter icon on tumblr???????plz help me out

  13. @ Anonymous - I dont use Tumblr so I'm afraid i cant help you.

  14. Paul, many thanks! Your tips are a godsend!

  15. When I try to save my template, an error message comes up. Help!
    Thank you!

  16. Great . I'll Bookmark This Website . And Make This My Favourite . :)

  17. Hi, can you help me answer my problem here please?
    can you answer my problem on blogger help forum

    link is here

    on How do I remove the empty space at the end of my blog where the "powered by blogger" originally was after I remove it?


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