Blogging On MySpace An Alternative Option


MySpace is a blogging and social networking site, which was launched way back in 2003. This site enjoyed its fair share of popularity for a period of three years from 2005-2008. Facebook slowly started taking its place, but MySpace managed to evolve into a free marketing service.

MySpace network is an interactive, user-friendly site consisting of several features like personal profiles, friends, groups, blogs, videos, music and photos. MySpace is a perfect place to spend time and is wide open to adults and teenagers.

Blogs in MySpace can be easily accessed by an account holder as well as a non-account holder. MySpace has left its blog section open to all so that everyone can be benefited by the informative details. The most interesting part is that MySpace publishes about 500,000 blog posts each day, which cover various topics like technology, entertainment, politics and a whole list of other interesting topics. It is high time to realize that MySpace is a valuable resource, which can be effectively used for building a strong blog audience.

Take a look at the important steps involved in building blog audience on MySpace:

1) Build Then Promote : MySpace audiences consider the site as a one stop-shop pertaining to blogs. Customers are reluctant to leave MySpace and read from outbound links that appear on certain profiles. Sadly, most MySpace customers fail to realize the fact that there are several blogging communities apart from MySpace. It is highly essential for you to write original contents on a regular basis and form a loyal and strong reader database. Once this task is accomplished, you can slowly divert the traffic to your site.

2) Target Audience : MySpace is designed with the search feature that can be used to target customers based on gender, age, location, interests, keywords and several other demographic details. This search feature can be used to locate groups pertaining to a specific keyword. MySpace offers you large audience via this search option and also allows you to invite friends and blogs. If the group has a bulletin board, you can post items on them. This helps you get in touch with the large number of audience that MySpace has acquired.

3) Connect With MySpace Bloggers : The most important trick to be followed is to locate blogs that are connected with your niche. This can be easily located by examining the blog rankings of MySpace. Identify the winner and target his/her audience using Technorati or any other tool. This technique consumes adequate effort and time, but delivers an excellent success rate.

4) Subscribers : Blog readers in MySpace are not keen about using RSS feed. Most of the customers will like to sign up to your site using the email. It is important to keep this gateway open for them with clear instructions.

5) Invite MySpace Friends : You can directly invite customers to read your MySpace blog by clicking on the link ‘Invite to my blog,’ which can be found on the blog page of the customer. Direct invitation is a wonderful technique to grab the attention of a customer.

6) Stand Out From The Crowed : The traditional blogging practices help you go a long way in MySpace. One of the best practices is to comment on the blogs of other people, which is a common mantra for all social networking and blogging sites. MySpace draws more traffic via a good profile image, entertaining comments and a unique name.

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Blogging On MySpace An Alternative Option
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