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The Future Of SEO And The Application Of Guest Blogging

The SEO world has been very shaky lately as those who have dedicated their livelihoods on the development of websites and blogs have seen a shift in Google’s algorithms on the horizon. There is definitely a legitimate change coming, but is it truly worth all the hype? Does Google really want to eliminate all forms of link building, even the honorable, fair whitehat approaches? What about the people who want to have a successful site and truly follow the rules? There’s been too much doom and gloom on SEO, and it’s time to tame it down. Below is Matt Cutts’ most recent vlog “What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?



Honestly, chill out. Too many discussions about the end of link building techniques are floating around the blogosphere and forums today, and the fact is that Google has no intentions of killing it all together. The goal is not to kill whitehat techniques, but to kill blackhat techniques. Matt Cutts, in fact, said “…we’ve got some nice ideas on trying to make sure that [link spamming] becomes less effective, and we expect that to roll out over the next few months.” At the end of the day, it is Google’s number one priority to make sure that any person who uses Google as a method of search on the internet has the best experience possible; an experience so great that any user would return.

Yes, if you are into blackhat marketing, I would be scrambling to try and find ways to wean your way out and find a new job. It’s not 2004 anymore, and despite the fact that it is incredibly competitive these days, Google is forcing blackhat marketers to funnel into an even tighter box than they have been forced to be. If you are taking a purely whitehat, honorable approach that has the same fundamental values that Google does: to create a website full of community where people interact, share, develop, and reuse information for other purposes, then you should have nothing to worry about.

Google understands that not all sites are going to be able to create “community.” In Google’s eyes, if community is created it would be way easier for them to provide search results starting with the most interactive to the least interactive. There is one serious flaw with this thinking, however, and it is that there is not a direct correlation between the amount of great content and the health of a site’s community. Just because there is a site with a community of followers, or people who share and reuse the information does not mean that it is the best match for someone using Google for a search. Sure, Google may want to only share the sites with the top communities, but they could be creating an algorithm war with themselves when sites that are underdogs are being utilized over their top picks. This is why at the end of the day it still comes down to your content. Content is king, and there it will stay.


If your site is taking approaches that fall into black hat techniques or anything that could fall into “borderline” techniques, you need to clean up your methods. I always recommend this post by Sujan Patel of Search Engine Journal (http://www.searchenginejournal.com/25-ways-to-get-penalized-in-2012/47245/) discussing 25 ways to get penalized by Google. Make sure you have gone through this list and cleaned up any category that you may fall into to prevent degradation by Google. If you are going to do anything, make sure that you have eliminated these 3 types of penalty causes:

Overuse of Ads

Many sites offer advertising space for monthly rent. From now on it would be better if they raised the rent and eliminated some of the extra spots. Why not replace one of the ads with an interactive widget like a poll? Google loves when users are interacting, and a poll is a great way to create an “experience” for a reader/user. If Google decides to bump the site up because it has a better community and activity presence, the traffic earned as a result could pay off in the long run.

Cheap Ads

Cheap ads also destroy the credibility of a site. My experience with sites that have an ungodly amount of ads on the site is that the more ads there are, the less I am likely to even click on one. Sometimes too many choices are overwhelming and push a potential client away from your site. Don’t just clean this up for Google, clean this up for the rest of us!

Poor Content

Poor content is the absolute “no-no” of the internet in the twenty-tens. Those who contribute to the current internet content crisis are just going to send their website to blockade of penalizations. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. From now until the end of the internet, if a writer is not contributing to the health of the internet, they are contributing to the death of SEO.


Guest blogging is reaching new heights as Google has recognized the elements of a guest post to create advancement of sites in a more long term approach. Although it is fairly simple to write and share new ideas, the difficult part is to secure a slot for your guest post. The demand will increase for guest posting, and the supply will slowly grow behind it, but there are a few “pieces of fatherly advice” that everyone should understand before studying the best approaches to take:

First and foremost, you must follow all directions. Too many people send poorly written emails and do not follow the directions stated on the website. Many website owners simply delete your email. Heck, I would too if I received an email that can’t follow simple directions. Why would I take any advice from you if you don’t have any regard for the first thing I asked of you?

Secondly, you must not have any errors in your writing. Everybody writes differently, and proper English has become more loosely used, but syntax errors are unacceptable. Spelling errors are even worse! I cannot stand it when I sit down to read a great post and I see “fist” instead of “first” or some words missing because your thoughts didn’t translate on the page right. I don’t want to edit your post, I want to read it!

Finally, you must create work that is going to change people. It is so frustrating when I read on a topic in my niche and the same things are discussed over and over and over. It’s so easy to have a post that stands out because people aren’t being creative enough! Tell the reader that you’re an expert and you have some information that is going to change the way they view and handle their niche. Do this and you’ll have readers who respect you and want to commune with you on your site.

To the entire SEO world: as Google transitions into the new Penguin release, it is time that we get our acts together and buckle up! Black hats beware that the end is near, and white hats be ready for a more competitive market!

By Guest Author – Chris Gunn, owner of Professional Guest Blogging company Guest Post Sharks, is a guest blogging expert. In his free time he likes to travel with his wife and exercise. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +.

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The Future Of SEO And The Application Of Guest Blogging
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