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The Best Online Back Up Options For Bloggers

We all know the importance of saving or backing up your stuff and many of you will have experienced the frustration of loosing your work in the past.Before auto save features on Emails and indeed blog posts those of us online at the time often pulled our hair out after accidentally deleting an email or blog post draft.While thankfully we don’t have to worry about constantly saving such content as we go when it comes to other data backing up is as important as ever.

An example of this for Blogger users occurred when connecting their blogs to their new Google + accounts.When using your Google+ profile as your blogs main profile you also connected all images used on your blog to your Google+ profile.Many blogger users did not realise this and either to reduce clutter or accidentally they deleted the images on Google+ with the knock on affect that the images also disappeared on their blog.One example of this was a blog I worked on recently that lost images from over 200 posts and unfortunately she had no back ups.

So it makes sense to back up your files such as images, video, music, documents, scripts and other work but how does it work and what are the options ?

Online Cloud Back Up

When we back up data online it is stored in what is known as ‘The Cloud’ (I’m sure you have heard the term quiet a lot recently).Basically the data is stored on cloud servers and this has an advantage over old back ups as they were susceptible to hardware trouble and disasters like fire etc.Of course with your stuff stored in the cloud you can access it from anywhere or any device.

Many of the PC Security Antivirus providers like McAfee, AVG and Norton offer online back up so if your signed up with an Antivirus service you may have access to free cloud storage.The recently released Google Drive and Giant of the past DropBox are also options.

Looking around I have come up with five of the most popular back up services online, they are not in order of preference.

1. Carbonite

Carbonite is available on PC and Mac as well as mobile apps for IOS and Android.

2. MyPCBackup

MyPCBackup offers unlimited space and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux along with mobile apps.

3. Mozy

Mozy has a number of back up plans for personal and business use.

4. SOS Online Backup


SOS is an award winning online back up service offering back up options for your PC and mobile devices.

5. JustCloud

Just cloud offers unlimited storage with free mobile apps to access your data on the go.

Compare The Best Back Up Services

For more Back Up Services and to compare the options offered and prices you can try out a comparison service like BestBackups.Com which review and compare the top services for you.

What services do you recommend ? Drop your comments and questions below.

Author – Paul Crowe is the owner and main author of Spice Up Your Blog.Paul lives in Ireland, has been blogging since 2006 and writing Spice Up Your Blog since 2009.You can find him in the usual social networks.

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The Best Online Back Up Options For Bloggers
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