IOS Blogging Apps That Will Make Your Blog Popular !

Do you remember those good old days when blogging was just for fun? I can hardly find a decent blog nowadays because even the best of them turn to be the part of the “industry” where practically every blogger is obsessed with earning more money from his blog instead of publishing some interesting blogs just to stimulate people for talking. Making money by means of blogging is not bad for sure. I just appeal to all bloggers to make update their blogs not just for the higher search engine ranks but for posting really interesting ideas that may be helpful for their readers. For instance, in this particular post I’m going to share my own top 4 of nifty blogging iOS applications that were designed by bloggers for bloggers, so to speak. In the picture you see my favorite WordPress for iOS application.

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Personally before I bought my first iPhone I was quite irritated by the fact that I cannot update my blog with few new pics or notes whenever I want even if there is no a laptop or PC at fingertips. Luckily, with the development of iOS apps such problem is easily solved since there are so many good blogging programs are offered via the iTunes service. It is quite a challenge to find the best blogging iOS apps because there are few very good and plenty of decent. Plus all blogging can be divided into subcategories – for analytics, SEO, microblogging, social networking sharing or editing content. That is why I decided to create my own list of the best blogging applications that can be used by every blogger despite his preferences and purposes.

Top 4 IOS Blogging Apps

All described below applications are multifunctional and work flawlessly on iPhones/iPads.

1)WordPress for iOS: if you need to pimp up your WP blog!

Price – Free distribution in the AppStore

I don’t know exactly the percentage of bloggers who apply WordPress CMS software for creating their blogs but I’m pretty sure this amount is huge. Blogger is also OK, but I use WordPress on a regular basis that is why I want to review this particular application. If you have a WordPress blog you already know how many tools, plugins and tricks you can apply to make your blog more popular, eye-catching and interesting to read. WordPress for iPhone will make it easier for you to update a blog even while you are running since it has a simple user interface and a smart functional.


What WordPress for iPhone app can do for your blog?

– use its nifty image uploading tool for adding to your WP posts images of any format and resolution;

– apply the multi-task text editing tool for easier and quicker writing. Basically the app offers its own convenient WSISYG editor;

– publish your posts by pressing one button;

– edit your users’ comments straight from the app;

– create drafts, approve guest posts and delete any content from your blog.

2)EverNote – for solving multiple blogging tasks!

Price – Available for free in the AppStore

I use Ever Note, he and she uses Ever Note – frankly speaking, I haven’t met a blogger who doesn’t use Ever Note on his/her iPhone/iPad. The secret of its success is all about its availability (it’s free on the site of the AppStore), the broad target audience (suits for bloggers, webmasters and other blogging-related professions) and numerous multifunctional services. If you need to create or promote a new blogging project you will require Ever Note as air since it is highly productive and easy to apply.


How to benefit from using EverNote application?

– you’ll be able to synchronize all notes from PC, laptops and cell phones in one place by means of Evernote;

– create, edit and manage notes, to-do lists and memos;

– edit, save and share your EverNote files;

– create audio files by recording your voice;

– use the advanced search system allowing finding text inside the uploaded pics;

– tagging and management of notes is included:

– save your tweets to the personal EverNote account;

– EverNote supports a lot of other applications and Internet products;

– it is easy to share any note with friends and followers from Facebook and Twitter;

– buy premium features to upgrade protection, editing and sharing services of Ever Note.

3)BlogWriter: the nifty tool for editing and “feeding” your blog!

Price in the AppStore – $1.99

Blog Writer application is cool since it combines two vital for successful blogging features – an editor and RSS feeding. Plus this particular program supports such platforms as WordPress, Blogs pot, MSN Live Space, Geotag and Meta weblog. The price is reasonable for its set of features.


What features of BlogWriter will be useful for a blogger?

– create, edit, publish and synchronize all your blog posts;

– you are free to add any photos to the photo gallery of your blog;

– geotagging service works great via the app;

– BlogWriter can boast a multi-languages support;

– you will be able to use a built-in RSS feeder to keep tracking any feeds you like.

4)Blogsy: so far the best blogging application for your iPad!

Price in the AppStore – $4.99, only for iPad

The newest iPad tablet supports of a lot of wonderful blogging platforms but I like Blogsy the most since it has so many awesome features to offer for blog improving. First and foremost, it supports plenty of Internet social networking websites and services like Flick, YouTube, Picasa and so on. Secondly, a blogger can create and promote his blog from a scratch using only Blogsy’s features. Here I stop advertising and simply enumerate the key features of Blogsy for iPad.


Use Blogsy to create an awesome blog:

1. Drag-&-drop images of all supported image hosting services (Picasa and Flickr to name a few);

2. Do the same with videos (YouTube and similar hosting sites are supported);

3. If you want to share a good third-party article, drag-&-drop its URL without coding to create its hyperlink on your blog;

4. Upgrade your blog’s style with few taps;

5. Run your YT, Picasa and Flickr account via Blogsy;

6. Write and edit your blog’s HTML codes with few taps;

7. Befit from the smartTagging and labeling, visibility and comment editing control;

8. Create drafts and schedule post for publishing.

Surely, there are plenty of other good applications out there and some of them personally I use day by day – Facebook, Evernote, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and so many others. I’m sure that bloggers reading this post have found it helpful (at least a bit) and have some other favorite iOS blogging apps to add to my list. For example, I haven’t mentioned yet any blogging analytic apps and I am aware of how plenty of them can be found on the website of the AppStore. That is why I encourage everyone to comment and share his thoughts about awesome blogging software for iPhones and iPads.

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IOS Blogging Apps That Will Make Your Blog Popular !
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