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The 5 Best Tips To Get A New Blog Indexed In Google Search Results

One of the questions i am asked most here on Spice Up Your Blog is : “How do i get my blog in Google search results ?” or “Why has Google not indexed my blog ?” and recently i have looked into this a bit deeper.Most of the posts i write on S.E.O. (search engine optimization) are more targeted at blogs that have already been ranked and are looking to move up the Search ranks and get higher positions within Google, Yahoo and other search engines.

To answer the question “How to get a new blog ranked on Google?” i looked at the search engine tips and tricks we have covered and picked out the 5 best tips for new blogs, Blogs just starting out and wanting to get noticed.No matter what your blog is about it will eventually get indexed but everyone wants to be visable on Google quickly.

Before you try to get your blog indexed on Google you should try to have at least 4-5 posts published because you want to give the Google bot’s or spiders something to crawl.

Here are the first 5 steps to take

1. Submit you blog to google – Step one is an easy one go direct to the source and tell Google you exist and want to be crawled.You can submit your blog to Google and Bing here :

Submit Your Blog To Google

Submit Your Blog To Bing

2. Ping you blog to Google blog search – Most new blogs find it easier to get indexed by Google blog search first and this helps speed up the process of being listed on Google web search.Once again go directly to the source and tell Google to come check you out :

Ping Your Blog To Google Blog Search

3. Build back links to your blog – Apart from good unique content Google respect nothing more than links to your blog.Getting links from other websites and blogs to your blog is an absolute key step in Getting noticed by Google.Of course if you have a new blog who is going to link to it ? There are steps you can take to build backlinks to your blog and the first step can be as easy as leaving a few well placed comments on blogs and websites :

Using Do-Follow blogs to build backlinks

4. Set up a webmaster tools account and submit a site map – Google Webmaster tools is a hub of information for your blog.It’s easy to get started and your first task is to submit a sitemap for Google to crawl.

Set up a Google webmaster tools account and submit a sitemap for your blog

5. Submit your blog – Submit your blog to blog directory’s, my favorite is Blog Catalog but there are lots more.Submit your blog and individual posts to Bookmarking sites, How to use Bookmarking Websites to help your blog.

These steps should speed up the process of getting your blog on Google, How many will you try ?

Lets look at some more steps that deserve a mention.

More Steps To Rank Your Blog On Google

Ping your blog to feedburner and pingomatic – We looked at using the Google blog search ping you can also use other ping services.


Feedburner ping

Link within your own blog – This is sometimes over looked and can be an awesome tactic when used properly.You have to look no further than this post to see how it’s done because i just built 2 links in this top ten list alone the the entire post has 4 links to other posts on the blog! When you write a post try to leave a link to other posts on your blog, Google do index links within you blog.As i have done in this post try to make the links relevant and not off topic.I have well over 100 posts here so it’s easier for me but you can utilise this more as your blog grows.

Leave A Link Were Possible – Were ever you can leave a link without spamming you should.On a serious note leaving spam links will ruin your reputation and your blogs reputation, its simply not wort it !

You can find lots more tips on getting the most from search engines here.

More help is only a comment away.

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The 5 Best Tips To Get A New Blog Indexed In Google Search Results
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