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Rss Graffiti – Automatically Share Your Posts On Facebook


In previous tutorials we have seen how you can automatically share your latest blog posts on you Facebook profile and Pages.One of the options we looked at was Twitter Feed which has since added a ‘Paid Pro’ option making the free option poor at best.Twitter Feed and other options we previously looked at were outside websites that you granted permissions to update your wall.In this post we will see how you can use RSS Graffiti to automatically grab your latest posts and share them on Both your Facebook profile and Fan Pages.

Rss Graffiti give you the option to share three types of update to your profile and pages walls :

Standard – Publishes a text excerpt and any available media (image, audio or video).

Compact – Intended to publish short stories from microblogs like Twitter without changing your Facebook status.

Status Updates – Similar to “Compact” style, but instead of just writing on your wall it will also update your Facebook status.

How To Connect With Rss Graffiti On Facebook

1. First make sure you are logged into the Facebook profile you want to automatically update, or the account that controls your Fan Page.

2. Follow this link to the Rss Graffiti app page – Rss Graffiti On Facebook.

3. You are now required to grant Rss Graffiti permissions to your profile (You can add your pages later).Click the authorize button and follow the steps.

4. Once returned to the Rss Graffiti page you can choose to update your Profile or Pick a fan page from the sidebar (If you choose a fan page you need to grant some extra permissions).

5. Once you have selected your page or profile click the ‘Add Feed’ button then add your blogs Rss Feed, Name, URL and choose the style.You can generate a preview of the way the updates will appear on your Facebook profile or page.

6. Once everything is entered save and your Latest Blog Posts will be automatically shared on your Facebook profile and pages !

That’s it now all your Facebook friends see your posts as soon as you publish, you might want to check out How To Automatically Digg Your Blog Posts.Let us know what you think of Rss Graffiti or if you need more help, we have lots more Facebook Tips To Help Your Blog.

Enjoy !

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Rss Graffiti – Automatically Share Your Posts On Facebook
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