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How To Make A Professional Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog

This is the third post in a row on using Facebook to promote your blog.This time we will look at Facebook fan pages, how to create them and how to spice them up.Anyone can create a Facebook fan page and it’s absolutely free.All you need is a Facebook account.


Starting Out

Follow this link and go to Facebook Pages.Then click the ‘Create A Page’ button in the top right corner.Then Choose category Brand, product or organisation, and Sub category ‘Website’.Give your page a name and click ‘Create Official Page’.That’s it your page is live and ready to get spiced.

Create A Landing Page

Creating a landing page is a great option to let people know what you are about instead of sending them directly to the wall.This is a good Video by Pat Flynn showing exactly how it’s done..In the video he tells you you need to get the Static Fbml application so here is the link : Static Fbml on Facebook

You can also use static Fbml to create other Html pages for your Fan Page.Here is how the Spice Up Your Blog  landing page looks :

fan page landing page

You can check out the Spice Up Your Blog Fan Page Here

Auto Post Your Latest Blog Posts In Fan Page

You will want to update your fan page with your latest posts and you can have this done automatically.A great free service you can use is TwitterFeed, as the name suggests TwitterFeed also auto posts to Twitter.You can see how it’s done in this post from last October – How To Automatically Share Your Latest Posts On Twitter and Facebook

Import Your Entire Blog Onto Facebook

You can have your entire blog and full posts available on Facebook.You can see how in this post : Import Full Blog Onto Facebook

Update – Create An Easy Url For Your Fan Page

Chelsea FC-True Blue asked in the comments “Can you tell how to create a separate facebook page for a website? Like www.facebook.com/yourwebsite” .

Great question, the answer is yes and heres how it’s done.

First you can create more than one fan page (Im not sure exactly how many or if there is any limit).Once you have created your fan page it will have a long URL, the old Spice Up Your Blog fan page url was –


You now have the option to change it to something easier like i did by changing it to –


To change the URL of your Facebook Fan Page (You can also change your profile URL) got to this page : http://www.facebook.com/username/
and follow the steps.

Once again great question Chelsea Fan i had never thought of creating a URL for my Fan page until now 😀


These are just a few easy steps you can take to make a professional Fan Page for your blog.Make sure to invite all your current friends to be members and keep your Fan Page updated.To get some inspiration why not check out the 30 most popular Fan Pages on Facebook, you can see who was most popular here : 30 Biggest Facebook Fan Pages

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How To Make A Professional Facebook Fan Page For Your Blog
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