How To Automatically Share Your Blog Posts On Facebook And Twitter


In this post i will show you how to have your blog posts automatically sent to your Twitter and Facebook profiles.This is a great way to keep your friends on both sites up to date with your blog and bring more traffic to your blog.

This is how it works :

Once you publish a new post on blogger, Twitterfeed gets notified via your feed.Twitterfeed now forwards your new post to Facebook or Twitter or both if you wish.

What does it send?

Here's a screenshot of my Twitter page (It looks the same on Facebook) as you can see all the updates / tweets are from Twitterfeed:

Connect blogger and facebook / twitter

Here's how its done:

1.Go to

2.Sign up for your free TwitterFeed account.

3.Submit your blogs Rss Feed URL

Don't have a feed for your blog? You should get one: Go to

Follow the easy steps to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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  1. I am using RSS Graffiti to link my rss feed with my facebook fanpage.....didnt have anything for I do, thanks :D

  2. i am rss graffiti but its have some prob .. my frnd complaint to me he is not able share that feed posted by rss graffiti

  3. Thanks for sharing this Tutorial. I uses Feedberner's Inbuilt Publicize Option to publish automatically to Twitter. It is pretty much easy and simple.


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