How To Get Traffic To Your Blog From StumbleUpon

Stumble Upon is one of the most famous social bookmarking websites on the web, along with Digg, Delicious, Reddit and Buzzfeed. It’s very easy and fun to use. You just select the categories you usually enjoy viewing ( marketing, photography, humor, psychology,sports, games, etc.) and then automatically StumbleUpon generates a page you might like each time you click Stumble. Whenever you click the like button on a page you stumble, then that page will gain more chances to be viewed by other StumbleUpon users. Consequently, getting your page stumbled and liked by several users will dramatically increase your pageviews. That’s how StumbleUpon works, in general.


StumbleUpon as a traffic generator.

If you intend to use StumbleUpon as a traffic generator for your blog/website, then it’s vital to place a widget near your posts which enables your readers to stumble it and share it with others. I can tell you that just 20 stumbles can generate hundreds or even thousands of page views to your website if its content is appreciated by the other users. Also, this traffic can last for days and that’s a great way to boost a specific post or product you might want to promote. A big advantage that StumbleUpon offers is that you are happy to receive organic traffic which really is concerned about your content. The users are only directed to pages they like, so the chances that your page will be appreciated is really high. Moreover, StumbleUpon is considered even better from Digg, since it’s really easier to get traffic. Digg can prove useful only if you get many votes and move up a lot on the list of the website. (and that’s impossible, especially for beginners.)

10 tips to maximize the traffic you can get from StumbleUpon.

  • When you submit a page of your website, make sure to include many tags so that the chances you will be picked will be higher.
  • Your tags will need to be completely relevant to your niche and your post’s keywords.
  • The better your content, the higher the chances your post will be liked by a stumbler.
  • It’s really likely that a user might leave your page fast if you are not able to draw his attention. So, make sure to have an appealing design and not a page with just plain text.
  • When you get stumbled, you want the user to stay to your page and visit you again in the future, so always include subscription options.
  • Ask some of your friends to like your page. Even from several likes the word will spread and the pageviews will go up.
  • Communicate with other StumbleUpon users. Follow their profile, build a solid connection and they will sooner or later prove useful.
  • Below your posts include a share-it widget and ask your readers politely to stumble your page if the enjoyed it. Urge is needed sometimes.
  • Use the paying system of StumbleUpon. You get to advertise your pages for a starting price of just 0.05$ for each visitor. There are also the options of 0.1$/ visitor and 0.25$/visitor which include bonus features.
  • Organize your StumbleUpon profile and make it appealing and friendly. You will ultimately end up with more followers and traffic.

If you are not already using StumbleUpon, then you are definitely losing a lot of traffic. I can tell you that it has helped me a lot to promote my blog and specific posts I have selected, and it will work for you as well.


By Guest Author – John Geroutis is an active columnist and the founder of . There he enjoys writing about blogging tips, writing and social media. You can find him on Facebook here.

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How To Get Traffic To Your Blog From StumbleUpon
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