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You may be surprised to learn that i read a lot of blogs that are not tech or design related. I often find myself on personal blogs, cookery blogs, activity blogs and all sorts of general fun well written blogs. There are now millions of Blogs online and among the rubbish, spam and uncountable “Tried it for 3 months and quit” efforts are some real gems. I often follow a link from a comment on Spice Up Your Blog to see the blogs of people that leave a comment or if I’m really bored and have 10 minutes to spare i have found myself clicking the Blogger ‘Next Blog’ link in the navbar. As i adventure through these blogs the one thing that Screams Out is how poorly they are set up for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Some of the best blogs i have found are so poorly set up for SEO that you could put Sherlock Holmes on the back of the Google Spider and he wouldn’t find them.

I’m currently working on a Complete Blogger Ebook that i hope to release in 2011 and among the content will be lots of SEO advice. But i have already published many tips to help get your blog performing much much better on Google and the other search engines. In this post i will point you in the direction of these posts and also share you will a service i have been using for a few months that automatically generates back links to your blog Absolutely Free.

Backlinks are vital when it comes to SEO, every link to your blog is seen almost like a recommendation in the eyes of Google. I go deeper into this subject in possibly my most in dept post on SEO – Use Do Follow Blogs For Back Links And Page Rank. Other posts you Must check out to improve your blog in search include :

– Add Meta Tags And Description To Your Blog

– Submit Two Sitemaps Of Your Blog To Google

– Submit A Sitemap To Yahoo, Bing And Ask Search Engines

You can find more SEO tips in our SEO Tips Category Pages. I plan on focusing on more SEO tips in the upcoming posts. Now to creating a genuine 150 links to your blog every day.

Free Automatic Backlinks With ImAutomator

IMautomator is a Bookmark submission tool that automatically submits your blog posts to various Bookmarking websites.With a free account you can add 10 Links every day, these ten links are submitted to 15 Bookmark directory’s (10×15=150 easy math even for me).I have personally used the service and it works a treat.The sites it bookmarks on are not the most popular or highest PR but it takes seconds and is totally free.There is a paid option but you never need to avail of this.

-Follow this link (Not a referral link) to Imautomator and set up your free account.

-Once you have verified your account you can get to work.Log in and via the Bookmark submitter you can add links to be submitted (See Video Below).

What Should You Submit ?

First up there is the obvious links, your blogs home page and your posts with ten a day you could start adding your archive. Why not add you label pages ? Every label you have on your blog has it’s own page. Basically you can add any URL connected to your blog including Bookmarking Bookmarks ! If you Bookmark your blog on Digg add the Digg URL. You should also take a look at the Top 20 Do Follow Bookmarking Websites.

That’s it look out for more SEO tips and the Blogger Ebook (Don’t Hold Your Breath Until About Mid Summer).Remember no matter how intelligent Google crawlers become you will always have to help them help you !

ImAutomation Intro Video

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Best SEO Tips And 150 Free Backlinks Every Day
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