How To Syndicate Blogs For Backlinks And AdSense, Amazon Revenue

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AdSense revenue sharing websites are popping up all over the place right now, it seems to be the current Hot trend. Many of the AdSense revenue sharing sites are article submission and Bookmarking sites, basically you sign up and add unique Articles to a site like InfoBarrel or Bookmark your blog posts on ‘Digg Type’ sites like SheToldMe. These sites publish your content, place AdSense on the pages and share the AdSense revenue with you. This can be a Great help in your efforts to Build those Vital Back links to your blog and making a few AdSense dollars is a nice extra.

I have to admit I’m a fan of both these styles of sites and have build countless back links to my blogs from them. Recently i Stumbled Upon an intriguing website called YouSayToo. Rather than Writing Unique articles or logging in to Bookmark your latest post you can syndicate your entire blog onto their site. Your posts will be grabbed via feed and posted in full on YouSayToo. How will this help your blog and your pocket ?

You Say What ?

When you publish new posts they are syndicated in full on YouSaytToo providing not only back links back to the original post but also bringing your blog to a whole new audience. AdSense and Amazon units are added to the pages with your posts and you get half the earnings from both. It takes less than 10 minutes to Register and add your blog or blogs and your done everything else is on auto pilot.

Getting Started On YouSayToo

1. Follow this link to YouSayToo

2. Click the Join Now Button and fill in your details, verify you Email.

3. Click The Add Your Blog Link and follow the steps of Blog Title, URL, Feed etc..You are also required to add a link to YST on your blog.

4. Add your revenue settings, AdSense ID And Amazon ID.

Your Done all future posts will be automatically syndicated onto You Say Too, you can add more blogs if you like.

Official YST Video

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The links in this post are Referral Links so you will join referred by me, once you join you can also refer new members and make extra from AdSense and Amazon. We have more great posts on Making Money From Your Blog and also check out our Blog SEO posts. Have you joined or if your an existing member share your experience in the comments !

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How To Syndicate Blogs For Backlinks And AdSense, Amazon Revenue
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