Free Ebook – A Complete Guide To Blogger For Beginners


You know one of the things I constantly have to keep in mind while writing tutorials is the Newbie or Beginner Blogger.Whether it’s tutorials for WordPress or Blogger blogs I always try to write posts as if I was writing them for a complete newcomer to blogging.Indeed I think this has been one of the reasons behind the success of Spice Up Your Blog.I have published many Basic Blog Tips and Video Tutorials specifically for new bloggers, along with this the steps in tutorials are usually accompanied by a Video showing the steps required.

But there is only so many posts we can publish which cover the basics of Blogging.For this reason I have often thought of putting together an Ebook on the topic.I never really got around to it but fear not Amanda Kennedy of Blogger Buster has recently done the job and a fantastic job at that.

Blogger Buster was one of the few Blogger tips blogs around when I started Spice Up Your Blog and is still as good as ever.I’m sure you have seen the now thousands of sites trying to break into the niche with low quality and copied content (There have been some good exceptions).

Download The Free Blogger Ebook

All Blogger users need to get their free copy of Amanda’s Blogger Ebook, it covers everything from starting your blog to the post editor, comments, feeds and so much more.

To get your free copy follow this link to the Download Page On Blogger Buster.

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Author – Paul Crowe is the owner and main author of Spice Up Your Blog.Paul lives in Ireland, has been blogging since 2006 and writing Spice Up Your Blog since 2009.You can find him in the usual social networks.

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Free Ebook – A Complete Guide To Blogger For Beginners
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