5 Key Factors To Writing Great Blog Posts

Many people enter the world of blogging with a strong opinion and a lot to say and these are key ingredients in making yourself a successful blogger.But there is a skill involved in transferring these great ideas in your mind to interesting posts on your blog.


After blogging for many years i have learned that a computer keyboard in the wrong hands can lead to disaster.This was true for me when i first started blogging, many posts were wild rants with no direction.

Like my old school report cards the message was clear ‘Must Try Harder‘.Putting pen to paper or fingers to keys and expressing yourself in a manner people will want to read is actually not too hard once you keep a few key factors in mind.

These were the ‘Rules Of Thumb‘ i applied to writing blog posts.

1. Keep It Fresh – While you will want to write on a variety of topics try to publish lots of posts on current issues.This doesn’t mean write about current topics in the news but rather the hot topics in your niche (Main Subject You Write About).People always remember where they heard something first so were possible be the one breaking the news or reviewing the latest products.

2. Speak Your Mind – Don’t sit on the fence trying not to offend anyone, it’s your blog and blogs are about opinion.Readers love blogs because they are different to regular websites and have personality.It’s that very personality that will decide if your blog is ‘a stud or a dud‘ in the blogisphere.

3. Get to the point – Even the most active souls become lazy and have short attention spans when sat in front of the computer screen.You don’t have long to impress so let the reader know were you plan on going with the post early, and once your opinion or message is made wrap it up.You can mix in some longer posts by using the Killer Blog Post And Filler Blog Post method.

4. Think Of The Search Engines – Format your blog posts in a way the search engines will like as much as your readers.Add keywords for your chosen niche in the title of the post and in the opening paragraphs.Keywords are words people may search for, so think what search terms might lead someone to your post and more importantly what words do you want your post to be indexed under.Add these words and phrases to your post and take control of how Google and other search engines see your blog.But don’t over do it, too many keywords can do more harm than good.

5. Keep Readers On Your Blog – In the closing paragraph ask for readers opinions in the comments, also make sure to add a link to another post on your blog that is on a similar topic.This will keep them busy and hopefully turn passers by into regular visitors.

You can make a Blog That Rocks, it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Have you a ‘rule of thumb‘ when it comes to writing blog posts ?

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5 Key Factors To Writing Great Blog Posts
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