Writing Blog Posts From A Personal Point Of View

I have always felt that when we write something in a simple, honest way- it touches someone’s heart. Of all the columns, blogs, articles, books, newspapers, magazines, I have read till today; the ones that touched me the most were the ones that were just complete in themselves. I mean to say they didn’t pretend, they didn’t show off, they accepted their limitations, they were silent yet assertive, they had a dignity and poise of emotions and reality.

I know it sounds like I am talking about a person but I am actually talking about articles and blogs. Every piece of column/post has an identity of it’s own. It has a world of it’s own. It captures a life’s moment just like a camera captures a moment and preserves it forever. So I feel, when we are writing something- we should treat it in a very individual way. We should try, as much as possible to give every post a body.


Feel Free And Express

All of us have our own distinct ways to see the world. and this is what makes the process interesting. For instance- if say we have to write a post with the heading sugar- someone will write about sugar- the sweetener, someone will write about sugar- the person, someone will write about the sugary moments that make life sweet. Every interpretation is interesting. The idea is to feel free and express. We watch movies, read newspapers, converse with people- everything makes an interesting observation and study.

Blogs are about how you observe life, how you live life or want to live life. It is this that gives that personal touch. I would say that harder you will try, the harder it will become to write. Don’t try at all, don’t think at all. Just go by the flow. Just put down your random thoughts. Look around yourself. What do you see- a clock?- write something related to clock- both literally as well as symbolically. Next what do you see? A showpiece- again write on it. and in very short time- you will get the knack of just writing on anything possible. This is what has happened with me. Whatever I write is what I keep on observing or daydreaming.

Daydream And Create

I keep on daydreaming about kings, queens, the secret passageways, prisons, dogs- absolutely everything weird. So I would say- daydream and create stories of your own in your head. And everybody make these stories to some extent. But with some the thing is that they are busy in more realistic aspects of lives, some think but they don’t put them into words and some just make themselves believe that they are not stupid to do all this. But this is not the case. We all have an inner world of our own.

So please enjoy the process of writing. If you will enjoy- then the reader will also enjoy.

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Writing Blog Posts From A Personal Point Of View
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