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Writing Killer Blog Posts And Filler Blog PostsA few years ago i was writing a blog on affiliate marketing, at the time it was my main niche (subject you write on) and i used to do quiet well from it.All the posts i wrote would include a well placed referral link and i managed to build downlines for affiliate programmes through the blog.

This niche has became much more professional and at the time even though i was doing well i always felt it was in some way seedy and you were misleading the readers as most affiliate programmes promised a huge return on investments that was simply not achievable.

I eventually stopped blogging and quit almost all online activity but when i started back blogging last year some of the lessons i learned proved very valuable.

One of the lessons was not to try write ‘The Best Post In The World’ every day.I have said on this blog before that it’s important to consistently update your blog and try to write a post every day and that remains true but the nature of the posts can vary.

Killer Blog Posts

Killer Blog Post

A killer post is a common term among bloggers and referrs to not only your best work but to your most in dept and informative posts.Writing a post that covers every aspect of a given subject broken into sub categories and well presented would be classed as a killer post.

When i first start writing the affiliate blog i felt i had to write awesome life changing killer posts every day and it put me under extreme pressure.Every post genuinely took six to eight hours to write and i not only exhausted myself but also the topics i was writing about.After 50 posts each 1,500 words long you don’t really have anything left to say.And there is also such a thing as too much information for readers, that’s were filler posts come in.

Filler Blog Posts

Filler Blog Post

While the term ‘Killer Post’ is common, i came up with the term filler posts for two reasons.First it rhymes with killer posts and makes a good title (Lets be honest) secondly we realise writing a Killer post everyday is not healthy for you or your blog so how do you fill the gaps between the killer posts.My solution was to write filler posts.While the name may sound like your filler posts should be quick unthoughtful posts they can actually be high quality just sharper and more to the point.

Killer Post Components – I set myself the target of one killer post a week usually around the 1000 words area, and the other posts would be more in the region of 250 to 300 words.The killer post would be published on the same day every week and i choose Thursdays because some guy with a clipboard said that was the best day for blog traffic.Every other day i published filler posts and i got into a great routine, i would also really work hard to promote the longer posts and they were like the blogs resume.

Filler Post Components – Typical filler posts would be reviews of products or programmes or comments on recent news connected to the niche. A very popular type of filler post was writing a ‘mini series’ of connected posts like ‘5 Ways To Success Part 1’ then the next day Part 2 and so on.In a way your writing a killer post but breaking it up and keeping the readers attention.

This proved very successful for me and it rely helped that blog.The same format is harder to implement on Spice Up Your Blog because as a lot of the posts involve exact steps.But i do still work with the killer post and Filler post format were possible, and I’m sure you can too.

So whats your experience, do you try to write ‘The Best Post In The World’ every day ?

Also is this a Killer Post or a Filler Post ?

I would love to hear you thoughts...


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