Yes, Your Blog Should Be Using Pinterest


Your blog may have an obscure theme, or you may be carefully targeting a very specific niche. You may be a seasoned blogger, or you may be new to writing and managing your own blog. Your blogging goals may be purely personal, or you may blog for a living. No matter what your approach or your goals, pictures make your blog more appealing. Pinterest makes it more visible.

While many bloggers are oblivious to such interests as search engine traffic and monetization strategies, the reality is that many have become aware of the potential to blog for money. Others have recognized that they can build a following for a business or cause through the use of a blog. If your goal in blogging is to have your blog read, then Pinterest is a tool that you should be using.


One of the main reasons you need to use Pinterest in tandem with your blog is that it is popular. Most of the world is familiar with the rapid growth of Facebook. Pinterest is moving rapidly in that same vein, gaining traction as a unique source of social networking. Pinterest works in similar ways by allowing friends and acquaintances to follow each other. It also gives the images shared a lot of exposure through organizational methods.

Categories and information allow those searching for something particular on the site to find suitable images from a variety of sources. The attraction seems to be more influential among female users of the platform.

The Power of a Picture

Making your blog compatible with Pinterest involves using photos on your site. The more interesting the images, the better. Try to select images that are interesting and unusual as they are more likely to be liked, pinned and repinned. A picture really is worth a thousand words in this case because that picture may be the device that attracts a new reader now or in the future.

Easy Sharing

Pinterest has facilitated one of the easiest sharing venues on the Internet. Your post being pinned by a reader leads to your image being on display for the Pinterest community. Your reader’s friends and followers have access to your image and related comments that have been posted. They have the opportunity to like that image or to further share it. The process is quick.

Unique Descriptions 

When you write a blog post, you select tags or labels that describe your post to search engines and searchers. When your post is shared on Pinterest, it is defined by the interest of your reader. As your post’s image is repinned, it may be described from a new perspective. It may be organized according to a different purpose.

The keyword research you have done in order to optimize your post may be effective in attracting search engine visitors, but your readers sharing your post on Pinterest are mining all sorts of traffic in their unique interpretations of your image and its uses.

Return Visitors 

Bookmarking a site can be easy to do but difficult to manage. Using Pinterest boards, though, your readers can add your posts for later reading. The image pinned to a board provides a direct link back to your blog. As the image is repinned, it provides additional links. These aren’t of value in search results, but they may be of value in attracting traffic in the future through searches within Pinterest.

Pinterest results are beginning to frequent the first page returns of search engines for a variety of search terms. As you grow your blog, it’s important to make Pinterest a part of your blogging activity. Create a Pinterest button on your site that makes it easy for a reader to share your posts. Additionally, create your own Pinterest account so that you can share your posts. Your sharing will be more focused on images and brief descriptions, and your networking within the Pinterest community will facilitate further sharing.

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Yes, Your Blog Should Be Using Pinterest
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