10 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Blogs Critics

Perhaps, even the best blog posts receive negative feedback. Sure, some of such negative comments come from weird people who seem to hate the world around them. We have to accept it. At the same time, the society made no pledges to like you and your writing. So, naturally, there might be negative comments from people who do not like your writing, the ideas you promote, or some folks may not like you as a person.

Sure, your first reaction will be getting angry and deleting all those negative reviews. This is the right move especially if these comments contain abusive language and insults. Smart writers should benefit from everything, even such things as negative comments. And here are some interesting ideas on how to turn criticism into an effective self improvement tool.

1. Often criticism is reasonable, i.e. this is a good way to correct mistakes. For example, you may not research facts well. A person who is proficient in certain areas will surely notice discrepancies. You may write a good automotive post but pay a little attention to minor details that are important to a car fan. So, express your gratitude to a person who drew your attention to those mistakes in writing, even if the comment itself is somewhat abusive.

2. Critical reviews can motivate writers to gain new knowledge. So, if you admit you made a mistake in your writing or did not invest much time into research, this is a good reason to learn and acquire new knowledge. This may take just a few minutes. Yet, you will be an expert in certain areas.

3. Online criticism may give your food for thoughts, so you may come up with new content. For instance, a comment like “Hey, stop writing on this useless stuff. Why don’t you look at something else” may motivate you to write an interesting blog post on a new topic. Sure, you do not have to listen to every person who publishes a negative comment. However, some comments come from respected bloggers.

4. Make friends with the person who does not like your writing. Contact this person and ask for his/her further comments. Who knows, maybe this is a nice guy who’s trying to help and whose blog updates will become your favorite. You may not bring your discussion in public. Exchanging a few emails will do.

5. Start a discussion in comments. Do you know that the more comments your blog post has, the more popular it becomes, also in terms of SEO. Blog posts with hundreds of comments become popular and thus get more traffic. As a result, such blog posts get traffic even from search engines, which means thousands of visitors. Isn’t that cool?

6. If you are confident you can win a discussion war, present your arguments and disagree. A healthy and reasonable discussion is a great thing. Moreover, you will prove yourself to be a great writer and a person to easily persuade other folks. It is an excellent opportunity to persuade people with arguments and info you manage to dig online.

7. Online criticism is very helpful in locating own weaknesses. There are no perfect writers. So, obviously you may have weak points. If other people are constantly picking on you, they may have fair reasons to do so. This may be grammar or the way you present your ideas. Sometimes, writers mess up with historic facts, or even laws of nature. Thus, if you regularly get similar negative reviews, this is a nice opportunity to become better.

8. Some negative reviews contain interesting information in themselves. Of course, short and abusive remarks are worthless and have to be deleted. At the same time, often other smart writers criticize you in an exquisite way. You may learn from this critical comment. There may be writers better than you. So, do not lose that famous temper of yours. Read it and analyze. Who knows, maybe you may use some of the expressions in your own texts.

9. You may make a collection of all critical reviews and make a separate post! Believe it or not, but this post is destined to become popular. People love discussions concerning drawbacks of other people. So is the human nature. So, a collection of negative reviews will arouse interest of ordinary people and seasoned bloggers. Why not discuss your drawbacks and funny comments by other people? Never doubt that you will have some hilarious critical comments!

10. Critical reviews are a good sign overall. You are being red! The worst thing is to have no reviews at all, which means your writing does not make people feel or think anything. Negatives comments are an inseparable part of online writing. There is no Good without the Evil. Negative criticism is what makes online life so interesting. This is what makes people become better.

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10 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Blogs Critics
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