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The Top Ten Blogger Tips And Tricks Of 2009

As we have entered 2010 it’s time to reflect back to 2009 and some of the best and most beneficial tips and tricks for your blog.
It has been a great year for blogging for Blogger and personally for me and Spice up your blog.

So here’s a list of the tips that got the most interest the most hits and some of my personal favorites.


The blogger navbar has been the topic of much conversation over the last few years, we knew we were able to remove it but were we allowed by Blogger to remove it ?
The answer came in 2009 when a blogger employee said ‘There is nothing in the blogger T.O.S. against removing the navbar’.
With that in mind we looked at two tricks for the blogger navbar :

How to remove the navbar

Change The Blogger Navbar To Hover Effect / Peek A Boo Effect

Search Engine Optimisation.

Improving our blogs search engine rank has always been in our thoughts.In 2009 i covered a few tips on making your blog ‘search engine friendly’ :

How to improve Your Blogs Google rank.Change how search engines see you Blog.

How To Improve Your Blogs Google Rank With Meta Tags & Description

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking was a big hit in 2009.Getting people to share and bookmark your blog could bring floods of traffic to your blog.
To go with the originals like Delicious digg Technorati and Stumble upon, Twitter tweeting and re-tweeting your blog and sharing on Facebook could prove vital in the quest to build a following.
So to make it easy for people to share your blog we looked at some Social Bookmarking widgets to add to your blog, these were the most popular :

How to add the Sharing is sexy social bookmark buttons to your blog

How To Easily Add 3D Social Bookmark Buttons To Your Blog Posts

Free Blogger Templates

The amount of custom templates for blogger went sky high in 2009.We saw more and more websites and blogs popping up offering you some amazing template styles.Not to be left behind i posted my favorite templates :

My Top Ten Elegant Artistic Style Free Blogger Templates

My Top Ten Magazine Style Free Blogger Templates


Some of my most popular posts this of 2009 were on working with Adsense and how to get your adsense ads into the prime areas of your blog.These were two of the most popular Adsense tips :

How To Place Adsense Ads Inside Your Blogger Header Section

How To Put Adsense Ads Inside Your Blog Posts

Believe me making a top ten was hard as there was so many tips to choose from so much so that the two tips that got the most hits were not in the list !

Popular By Hits

So i will cheat a bit and tell you the two tutorials that got the most hits and amazingly the first tip was only posted on 26th of November but almost 80% of the hits i got from search engines was for this tip :

How To Add A Snow Falling Effect To Your Blog

The second post with the most hits was a post we can learn from.I looked to add some space between posts on another blog so i got an image divider and placed it between the posts.Looked good so i added a tutorial on how to do it not thinking it get so many hits.But that’s the thing with blogging you never know what will be a hit or a miss !

How to add an image divider between your blog posts

So that was the year that was i have really enjoyed the challenge of running Spice Up Your Blog and have learned a lot.Now I’m genuinely looking forward to 2010 and bringing you fresh and helpful tutorials tips and tricks for your blog.

Do you have a favorite tip or trick that helped your blog in 2009 ?

Thanks for your time and help, Have a save prosperous 2010.

The Top Ten Blogger Tips And Tricks Of 2009
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