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The Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies 2024

Are you looking for a dedicated hosting company that offers you the resources needed to create a high-availability site?

Mission-critical sites need reliable and fast hosting to do well. Dedicated hosting features enhanced security, fast processors, lots of storage space, and bandwidth to keep your website operational and responsive.

Dedicated hosting is an advanced web hosting solution. As a client, it offers you dedicated access to resources, like RAM, bandwidth, or CPU. In your server landscape, you will not have any neighboring sites. Being the sole resident, you will benefit from a matchless level of security, privacy, control, and flexibility.

We have tested many dedicated service hosting providers to find out if they live up to their promises. In this blog, we will review the best-dedicated hosting companies. But before we look at their packages and features individually, it is essential to find out what dedicated hosting is and whether you need it or not.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

It is a single-server hosting environment dedicated specifically to a client’s website. Dedicated server hosting lets you choose the equipment you want, including the hard drive, RAM, and processor. When the whole server resources are allotted to your website, it costs much more than other hosting options.

If you are thinking about whether dedicated hosting will be right for you or not, below is when dedicated hosting can be best for you:

Require More Bandwidth: You want to host larger files that might consume more resources and bandwidth.

Anticipating Growth: A website is gaining fast traction in the niche and you want it to expand your current hosting plan soon.

High-Security: You want to host your website in secure environments without sharing the server resources with other websites.

Operating ResourceHeavy Applications: You wish to process any resource-heavy applications and scripts.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what dedicated server hosting is and when it is best for you, let us have a look at the top dedicated server hosting companies in 2024.

6 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies

 BlueHostIONOSInMotionHostgatorDreamHostA2 Hosting
Dedicated Hosting per month-Starts at$159.99$65$89.99$89.98$149$159.99
Server LocationUtahFrankfurt, London, New Jersey, Spain, Berlin, NevadaCalifornia, VirginiaUtah, TexasVirginia, OregonMichigan
Max RAM16GB64GB192GB30GB64GB128GB
Max Bandwidth15TBUnlimited1 Gbps UnmeteredUnlimitedUnlimited15TB
Max CPU Cores482481216

1.         BlueHost

BlueHost has a solid reputation in the dedicated hosting communities. Thus, it is one of our long-time favorites. With maintained servers, excellent customer support, and highly competitive pricing, BlueHost is a pick you will hardly regret. Its dedicated server hosting plans are reasonably priced, but that does not mean it compromises quality.

BlueHost offers some of the rarest features, like free backup. Other features include RAID storage, Intel Xeon Processors, and round-the-clock support.  The hosting service provider also offers free website migration with its dedicated hosting plans, which makes switching to the BlueHost platform simpler.

The drawback of BlueHost? A bandwidth cap of 15TB and fewer CPU cores compared to most other providers. If you have a large site with an international audience base, BlueHost may not be the right fit for you.


  • Free Backups
  • All the plans provide the best value
  • 99.98% Uptime Guarantee


  • Only 4 CPU cores
  • Only one server

Pricing: Bluehost has 3 dedicated server hosting plans. All plans come with 4 CPU cores, 24/7 support, and a money-back guarantee. The pricier the BlueHost plan, the more RAM, bandwidth, and storage there is.

Standard Plan: $159.99/month

Enhanced Plan: $209.99/month

Premium Plan: $250/month

2.         IONOS

IONOS is the silver medal winner on our list of best-dedicated hosting companies in 2024 as it has the fastest server response time and site speed of every hosting provider we looked at. It is the most affordable service provider on our list. IONOS dedicated servers have powerful features like RAID 1 storage, DDoS protection, and Intel Xeon processors to protect a website from cybercriminal attacks.

If you need optimum uptime, blazing-fast speed, control over your website’s fate, and top-notch flexibility from a dedicated server, IONOS has you covered. This platform offers many plans for diverse customer needs, ranging from entry-level to high-performance ones. Based on your budget, you can choose one.

But, IONOS is not all good. It makes you pay a larger amount if you have Windows and has a disgusting habit of sticking extra fees at the checkout time. It also has poor support and help with no live chat or email across all plans.


  • Affordable starting price
  • Best server response and site speed
  • Many different plans


  • No live chat or email
  • Added fees

Pricing: IONOS has 8 different plans, split between Hard Disk Drives (HDD) to Solid State Drives (SSD). SSDs are much more powerful and provide faster loading time for a website, but they have a higher price tag attached to them. While HDDs come at $47 to $140 per month, SSDs come at $65 to $160/ month.  All plans come with daily backups, unlimited bandwidth, and free domains.

3.         InMotion

InMotion Hosting offers reliable and amazingly fast dedicated hosting on market-leading hardware, which makes it a simple option for anybody looking for a premium dedicated hosting provider. From a free SSD to a remarkable support crew, InMotion has every base covered for large-scale and small-scale operations.

Though InMotion has a lot to provide across the board, its standout feature for everyone is the CPU cores amount on offer. Even if you have a tech-heavy site, it will help keep the website speed down. Moreover, it will stop users from getting away from your website. It will also encourage Google to rank your website higher.

When it comes to value for money, InMotion Hosting is the lowest among all. All the plans it offers are an investment; however, they reflect the high quality it brings to its clients.


  • Good support and help
  • A large number of CPUs available with the top plan


  • Expensive Plans 

Pricing: InMotion Hosting has 7 plans on offer. Its prices are a bit expensive when compared to other providers. Its plans range from $89.99/month to $799.99/month.

4.         HostGator

Constantly innovating across many platforms, HostGator offers modern dedicated hosting services for people looking for unlimited domain registrations and unmetered bandwidth. HostGator is among the biggest web hosts having a long line of dedicated hosting. It is known to balance performance, competitive pricing, and top-class web hosting services with updated hardware that includes Intel Xeon Quad processors and lots of RAM.

While HostGator does not excel in its performance, it dominates in the support and help category. With various support and help options, including round-the-clock live and phone chat, we believe it is the best option for larger websites, offering you the needed support for the time your site gets a little bigger for one individual to manage.

Though the prices of HostGator are not cheap, you certainly get lots of help for the bucks you spend. One major drawback of HostGator is that its servers are situated in the US. Therefore, it may not be the most suitable option for websites with an international audience.


  • Many methods to get support and help
  • Promotional prices are generous
  • Unlimited bandwidth across every plan


  • Both servers are situated in the US

Pricing: HostGator offers 3 dedicated plans only. All the plans have unmetered bandwidth – a huge plus. The middle option, the Power Server, is the most recommended one by HostGator itself.

Value Server: $89.98/month

Power Server: $119.89/month

Enterprise Server: $139.99/month

5.         DreamHost

A decent managed hosting service provider, DreamHost, boasts a money-back guarantee and 100% uptime. DreamHost is known for its resource-rich and affordable hosting plans. It also carries the same liberality with its highly powerful dedicated managed hosting plans. DreamHost offers different plans. All plans include 100% uptime, full root access, unmetered bandwidth, and an SLA guarantee.

DreamHost also offers root access, DDoS protection, Ubuntu Linux OS, unlimited bandwidth, sub-account and reseller management features, RAID storage, and a tailored panel, among other things.

DreamHost lacks an SSD storage option, which is a bummer. However, we can let it slide as DreamHost offers you complete control over the amount of RAM you wish for the hosting server.


  • 100% uptime
  • Unmetered bandwidth for every plan
  • Free plugin for WP


  • Not the best plans for value
  • Support and help could be better

Pricing: DreamHost separates itself by Enhanced and Standard, which you can tailor as per your storage and RAM requirements. Their lowest starting price is $149/month, and their most expensive one costs $379/month.

6.         A2 Hosting

Whether you are looking for self-managed or managed hosting, this dedicated hosting provider offers 3 very reliable dedicated hosting plans to meet all your requirements, based on your experience and comfort level. A2 Hosting has a well-rounded dedicated hosting catalog, which makes it a remarkable choice when looking for high-quality servers. It excels at WP hosting; however, its dedicated hosting is not to sneeze at.

All the hosting service providers we recommended have great uptime, but A2 Hosting is forthcoming with its security and reliability. It promises 99.95% uptime and offers it, thanks to its 24/7 support staff, updated security patches, 10GB network, and quality data centers.

The downside? A2 Hosting has expensive plans – the lowest-priced plan starts at $159.99/month. Other than that, there is nothing much that A2 fails at.


  • Terrific uptime
  • Excellent customer support
  • Robust hosting packages


  • Relatively expensive
  • It does not have Windows server options

Pricing: A2 Hosting has 7 dedicated hosting packages that begin at $159.99/month and go up to $529.99/month. With a money-back guarantee and free transfers, you have nothing much to lose if you try their service.

Wrap Up

Dedicated Hosting is an outstanding option for individuals and businesses looking for a high-performance and reliable hosting solution that offers control over the server resources. Each dedicated server hosting provider has its pros and cons. If you are wondering which one is the best, let’s tell you that at the end of the day, it is about finding what is vital for you and prioritizing things. Nearly all the above providers have a money-back guarantee, so try them and find the one that best suits your site needs.


Who Is Dedicated Hosting For?

Dedicated hosting is not for everybody. If you have an eCommerce store with more than 30 products or your site gets nearly 1K hits daily, you should invest in dedicated hosting. Some businesses that require dedicated hosting include large-scale and medium-sized businesses with huge inventory, databases, and hundreds of hourly transactions.

How Dedicated Hosting Works?

When you choose Dedicated hosting, you get a whole physical server only for your website, which offers you complete control over its hardware and software without sharing its resources with other sites.

What Are the Advantages of Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting offers you better uptime, a higher security level, better hardware, scalability, and customization.

How Much Do Dedicated Servers Cost?

What you need to spend on dedicated servers depends on the chosen host, whether you go with unmanaged or fully managed plans, HDD or SSD storage, and more. During purchase or sign-up, many companies provide a discount on their first year or month for longer contracts.

Is It Safe To Use Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is safer than VPS and shared hosting as it isn’t shared with others. It means you get a higher security level against malware and hacking.

What Technical Skills Are Needed to Manage Dedicated Hosting?

With fully managed dedicated hosting, you need basic knowledge about application management and file transfers as you will be offered a simple-to-use control panel.

With unmanaged dedicated hosting, you will need a deep knowledge of managing and administrating a server for optimal performance.

The Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies 2024
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